I don’t know if it’s just me but as winter closes in, cold gets sharper and the days are getting shorter, I find it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Don’t tell me I am on my own here… Who likes to get out of bed in a cold morning?

Although staying in bed is not an option during weekdays, we always try to linger in  bed that little bit longer at weekends. We have been know for having family breakfasts in bed and snuggling up in wet cold afternoons while watching The Princes Bride.

The thing is that these family events require big and amazing beds. And I am not only talking about big beds, they also need to be inviting, comfortable and cosy.

This bed is just big enough for all of us and I love all the pillows and the layers… so inviting!
Organising Chaos Blog: Amazing beds

There is something very dreamy about this bed. (source)
Organising Chaos Blog: Amazing beds

I love cast iron beds, painted or otherwise. There is something very romantic and traditional about them. (source)
Cast Iron Beds

Big beds in small spaces have to be inviting and it looks like we could camp in this one for a good while!

Organising Chaos Blog: Amazing beds

And of course, a four poster bed is the ultimate luxury when it comes to beds. I would love to just close those curtains and sleep off until Spring!
Organising Chaos Blog: Amazing beds

What is your favorite bed?

Have an amazing weekend?




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