Yes, you are not dreaming. This is happening. I am finally organised to bring back our Weekly Inspiration.

With the difference in temperature between summer in Spain and September in Ireland, we have had to wear our thicker cardigans, give up completely our sandals and embrace jackets. It’s ok – we are ready for Autumn (or so I keep telling myself…).

The fashion trend for this autumn seems to be all aboutnatural colors, 70’s vibes and comfort, pretty much down my alley. I am loving it!

This style is perfect for any day of the week, casual and yet dressy. And those gloves…. oh my!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

I have always been a fan of military style coats and I particularly like the length of this one and the fury collar is just exceptional!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

For the days where you just want to be comfortable, this style is just adorable. Comfortable yet stylish!
9Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

I am totally in love with these suede boots from Asos – they are so retro and cool that I can totally imagine my mum wearing them when back when.
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn style

Ponchos are massive this autumn. There are so many styles, designs and colors to chose from… but you must have one!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

What is your favorite Autumn trend this year?

Have an amazing weekend.
Chaotic Itzi

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