Hello lovely people. I hope this week was kind to you.

I feel super lucky to be having such a long holiday with my kids this year. Between West Cork last week and Spain next week, things are good. I would even go as far as saying that things are amazing and I am making the most of it!

With all this talk of holidays, I keep thinking where else I would like to go on holidays. The world is such an amazing place, there are so many amazing places to go and visit that it is hard to choose…

I am a big Agatha Christie fan and I would love to have a cruise on the Nile – Death in the Nile style
Egypt - River Nile
Greece is a¬†European dream destination, great food, great people, great weather, great destination… and it is a fun way to support the Greece economy.
For some reason I have always wanted to go to Mongolia. Don’t ask me why. Just do.
Mr B was in Kenya when he was a child and he has the fondest memories. He has promised me to take me there.
And if one day I win the lotto, I would love to go Guadeloupe. It looks like paradise.
What is your dream destination?

Have an amazing weekend.
Chaotic Itzi

Chaotic Itzi

My name is Itzi. My mission is to personalize my home in a style that suits our family needs and ours small budget. Be sure to register so I can share all my tips with you! Chaotic Itzi

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