My sisters-in-law are looking to replace their kitchen and I was in their house during the week trying to see what the best layout for their space and life-style would be. Choosing your own kitchen is very exciting but it can also be very scary. There are so many options out there, so many styles, so many layouts, so many colors… It is one of the biggest expenses you will ever have in the house in a room where you are going to spend a lot of the time – you want to get it right. No pressure, right??

I am hoping to change my kitchen in the near future and I have been looking for inspiration around the web.
I love the colors in this kitchen, and the cups hanging from hooks are so cute!  (thekitchn.com)
Weekly inspiration - Kitchens<
The Bespoke Furniture Company has a  cool and practical pantry – maybe in blue?
Weekly Inspiration - Kitchen
Open shelving will always allow you to display all your pretty things and force you to keep things organized.(BetterHomeandGardens.com)
Weekly Inspiration -- kitchen
It is always handy to have a space to store away the food processor, coffee maker, blender  but always have them handy. (guehnemade.com)
Weekly Inspiration - Kitchen
And of course the island makes any kitchen the ultimate sociable space. (whoohome.com)
Weekly Inspiration - Kitchen
What is your favorite kitchen?
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I love the

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