The Unlucky Cabin Boy is back again this year and it opens in Limerick today. It is all very exciting. My brother-in-law wrote the music and lyrics and the my sister-in-law and my very own Mr B are in it. I am very proud of all of them. They are all very talented.  Ridiculously so, but I still love them.  The Unlucky Cabin Boy

The preview was on tonight and it will run until the end of the week. This incredible production will be touring the country for the rest of the month bringing this amazing story to different corners of Ireland.

Mr B and I don’t watch much TV but the bit that we watch we tend to watch it together. We love starting a TV series on Netflix and watch them together till the end. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of TV series that he likes that I don’t and vice-versa but we tend to watch those when there is soccer on, or one of us is out, which is not that often.

With the play on, Mr B is going to be away for the best part of the month of November which means that all “together watching” comes to a halt and starts the season of “just me watching”. This pretty much means that I won’t keep watching our current TV series. I can’t. It’s something we do together. I’ve tried it, but it feels wrong…  like cheating. The same goes for all the films that we want to watch together, I don’t watch them. I wait until both of us are home. So during this month, I will get to watch all those films and series that Mr B is not that into, as many “who done it” (s) as I want, re-watch all the Sherlock episodes (BBC) and watch all the Hunger Games films.

Organising Chaos - Watching TV on my own

Picking a film or a new series feels like a big commitment if that choice has to be made by more than one person. You have to consider the subject, the genre, the characters, what everyone is in the mood for… so many decisions!! Things will be simpler on my own.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking forward to spending the month as a single mother, and I mean that with my utmost respect for single mothers. I am just looking for the positives of not having Mr B around for a month, I am looking for the silver lining and if Miss Marple or Sherlock will spend the evenings with me, well, it might not be such a bad month after all.

What are you watching at the moment? Any good suggestions?
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  1. Oooh, definitely reminded me to catch up on that last series of Sherlock! Boyfriend isn’t a fan so I’ve put off watching it, but next time he’s away I’ll remember! Thanks! I hope you find plenty to keep you watching while he’s away (and how cool, that he’s doing something so awesome!) 🙂

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