Do you want to hate a song? Do you want to have one of your favorite songs ruined for you forever? Just play it for your kids and you will soon hate it. At least in my house!

Want to hate a song? @ OrganisingChaosBlog

I love that my kids love music. I love it.

And I love that my kids love good music. At least what I call good music. Ok, let’s be honest. My kids like the music I like because it is what they hear the most. They love David Bowie, Vampire Weekend, Michael Jackson, The Beatles… very varied and different music. They love listening to music so much that I recently opened a Spotify account for them as they were driving me bananas with the Can you play this? Can you play that? … (I know that as far as parental complaints go, it’s not a tough one but still… it was one that was easy to fix)

They also get exposed to music through films. Some films have very poor soundtracks but others help bring the film to whole different levels and expose you to amazing artists that you might not have otherwise come across. The closing song in How to Train your Dragon is pretty spectacular and it’s sang by Jonsi, Sigur Ros’ lead singer and it was played on repeat in my house for days!

The Guardians of The Galaxy has a great soundtrack.

All the songs are what nowadays are considered “old”, from the 60s and 70s. All very funky and all very danceable.

The boys really got attached to Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede. It is a pretty amazing song. The voices, the Ooga Chaka part, the way it builds up, the good feeling of it. It’s just fabulous. I loved this song.

Notice I said lovED!

The boys have been singing it NON-STOP!!! They sing it together and beautifully, even if I may say so myself, but they also sing it CONSTANTLY!!! When they wake up. As they get dressed. They hum it while having breakfast because their mouth’s are full. They sing it on their way to school and on the way back from school. And they continue on and on for the entire day… And the following day. And they day after.

So now I kind of hate that song. Kind of.

They have just come across Eurythmics’ These Dreams in X-men Apocalypse. I used to love that song when I was younger. It was nice to hear it again. They kids now love it. They have spent the day singing it. I fear for it. I fear for me.

I’d better find another catchy song to replace Eurythmics so I can continue to like the song.

One I don’t like too much. One that is only ok.

Stay strong,
Chaotic Itzi



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