Few years ago I bought some wicker baskets as they were a very economical way to keep things tidied up around the house. Over the years I have used these baskets to store anything and everything, from toys, to shoes, to balls, to children (I may or may not be joking about the last one).

As we are still using these baskets for a number of things nowadays, I wanted to give them a new lease of life, to refresh them a little bit and to make them fit more into our current lifestyle.

I love using different textures around the house, wool, wicker, wood, glass, ceramics… and I wanted to incorporate different textures to the basket so I decided to cover the top rim with green wool. This took more patience than skill 😉
Updating a tired basket with wool - OrganisingChaosBlog
In order to add more contrast to the basket, I painted the bottom part white, it is an easy job with instant results, perfect. I glued some felt at the bottom of the basket in order to avoid scratching the floors (something I should have done years ago… oops!)
Updating a tired basket with wool - OrganisingChaosBlog
This basket is currently in my hall being used as a flower pot for one of my favorite plants. I am loving the contrast.Thinking outside the pot - an updated wicker basket - OrganisingChaosBlog
Because even old things deserve a face lift.
What do you think?
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