My big monkey loves drawing. I mean, he LOVES it. He is usually with pen and paper in hand, drawing a collection of ninja weapons, dinosaurs’ skeletons or karate symbols. Anything and everything.

His latest theme (read obsession) are karate silhouettes and he is very particular as to what markers he uses. He loves using my thick black markers to fill the silhouettes and surprise surprise, the marker goes through the paper and whatever is below ends up black. Thankfully the Ikea table in the playroom is very wipeable and easy to clean, not like some other surfaces that he uses as tables.
Updating a stool with electrical tape - OrganisingChaosBlog
One of the latest casualties was the computer stool in the playroom – it has black stains on top and I can’t seem to remove them with anything. So what solutions do we have when we can’t remove a stain? a) ignore it and b) cover it. I originally went with option a, but it kept bugging me, so it is time to explore option b.

I always have electrical tape in the house as it is very useful for quick updates and fixes, it is colorful and you can pick it up in discount stores for a couple of Euros. I decided to cover the whole top with tape, this way in the (very probable) event of having any more “accidents”, I could just remove the tape and cover it again.
How to update a stool - OrganisingChaosBlog
Starting at the very end, I added one stripe of each color. Once the stool was covered I added some more tape diagonally and then using a ruler and a box-cutter, I very gently cut out some of the tape exposing the color underneath. There is no method to do this, it depends what colors you want exposed. The cuts need to be very gentle in order not to cut the first layer of tape. I removed the yellow and white tape so the blue and green would be the main colors – the boys’ favorite colors.
Updating a stool with electrical tape - OrganisingChaosBlog
The stain is gone, the stool is protected and the colors look great in the playroom. Happy and quick update, just the way I like it. Oh yes!
Is there something in your house that needs covering?

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