A while ago we got some rooms painted at home. As the painters were tidying up, I asked them to leave me with the empty tins of paint. They looked puzzled but they were happy not to have to dispose of them themselves. (this is obviously not one of the rooms we painted)
Upcycling and organising
I had been looking for a solution to organise my painting brushes in my craft room and these tins were the ideal size to keep brushes and rollers. Although I like the exposed, industrial look of the tins as they were, I wanted to embellish them and I found the cutest d-c-fix to cover them with.
Upcycling tins to organise brushes - OrganisingChaosBlog
I now have all my brushes and rollers in one place and they actually look good on top of my shelf.
Upcycling tins to organise brushes - OrganisingChaosBlog
You like?
Chaotic Itzi



  1. This is great ! We are d-c-fix® UK and have never seen our product used in this way before. If you want to blog about any of our other designs, please feel free. I’ve shared your idea on our facebook page and we would love to see more from you. We may even be able to arrange a couple of free rolls of product for you as a thank you.
    Kind regards, d-c-fix® UK

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