Recently, one of my cousins was telling me that he gives something up most months to challenge himself – It blew my mind! It really takes dedication and strength of character. So I thought about doing it. I thought I could do it!

I started thinking about what I could give up for a month – that list was long
But when I thought about the things that I was willing to give up, the list was very short. Who am I kidding? The list was empty!

Whilst in the middle of my internal debate, my cousin shared a Ted Talk with me in Facebook. It was called “Try Something New For 30 Days” and somehow that idea appealed to me even more.

As it happens, I’m not very good at giving things up without a very valid reason and it seems that a personal challenge is not a good enough reason for my head to give anything up. Go figure! But taking something on? Trying new things every 30 days? That’s exciting!!

There are plenty of ready-made lists for the 30 Day Challenge. They range from trying hot yoga every day for 30 days, to cycling to work, to taking up knitting for a month. I can imagine that some challenges are going to be… well… a bit more challenging to fit into my day but that is where the fun lies.

Try Something New for 30 Days

I am thinking of starting with something small. Easy, happy and positive challenges. It would be nice to focus into positive acts as the days get darker and colder.

For my first challenge:
Keep a gratitude list for 30 days

I am really excited about it as it will force myself to really examine my day and to appreciate kindness.

If you have ever done this challenge or you have ideas, any positive-challenge ideas, please, please, please share them with me. I would really appreciate them

Chaotic Itzi


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