Thursday @ Organising Chaos Blog


This week is dragging. Really dragging…

Thursday @ Organising Chaos Blog

Last night, Mr B and I were horrified when we realised that it was ONLY Wednesday!
It definitely felt like Thursday. Maybe even Friday.
I hate when that happens…

2 more days for the weekend, and what a busy weekend we have! Saturday is jam-packed with soccer training, birthday parties and family get-togethers… It will be lovely. I know it will be a fun, lovely day. But it will be a tiring day after a tiring week.

We have already decided that we are spending Sunday in pjs. In my head, I am spending the day on the couch, under my blanket and watching Ms Marple. It will probably be nothing like this but I am aiming high baby. One must have ideals.

Thursday @ Organising Chaos Blog

So Thursday is here now. It is not quite Friday but it is not Wednesday, it is not Tuesday nor is it Monday. It is Thursday. One day closer to the weekend. One day closer to my pj-day.

I probably should not wish my life away, but I’m tired… and busy, so I am looking forward to getting horizontal on my couch.

Have you got plans for the weekend?

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