I think I have mentioned once or twice before that I love plants (maybe ??)

They give me a great sense of tranquillity, of peace. They also add an extra bit of homeliness to the house. I love having plants with different colours and texture, they help me decorate, they are the living part of your interior design.
Thinking outside the pot - cocktail bowl

A while ago I made a point of not buying more pots for a couple of reasons. One, to stop buying plants (it was getting a bit out of hand at one point) and (in the event I could not stop myself) to up-cycle other containers into pots. This case refers to the later reason.

I was doing my shopping the other day when I came across this plant. It was so pretty! I love the colours, the dark green and purple, the size of the leaves (yes, I have issues… I know). I had to take it home with me. I knew that the bowl that contained the snowy Christmas trees (see here) was now emptied and it would make a lovely centre piece in my sitting room table. This bowl was originally a cocktail bowl that I got in the Euro shop for a party we had at home. It is remarkable that at  €1.50, this bowl is already serving its third purpose and still looking good –  loving it!
My January plant

I filled the bottom of the bowl with stones to provide some drainage and I then filled it up with compost. I wrapped some twine around the top of the bowl in order to bring some contrast and that is all! The plant is so beautiful in itself that it doesn’t need anything else.

The cocktail bowl
Thinking outside the pot
I have set myself a limit of buying a maximum of 1 plant a month this year. It should be ok. I hope. I’ll let you know.

What about you? Are you crazy about plants? Please share.

Have a great day,
Chaotic Itzi


  1. You sound like me, only I don’t have a 1 plant a month resolution. Yikes! I should probably do that too. Love your wandering Jew plant. Got one not too long ago. I love it when I meet other plant obsessed people.

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