It’s amazing how little we know about things when we take on a project. There are things that we know

People approach projects in different ways. Some people like doing some research. Others, (like me) are more impulsive. No matter what kind of person you are, when taking on a project, there are certain things that you know are going to happen, the Known Knowns. For example, in the case of us changing the kitchen, we knew it was going to be dusty since we were taking up all the floor in 70% of downstairs and tiling it. We also knew that it would take over a week of work and that we would be living upstairs for all that time. These were all known knowns – you know what you know. With this information, we get organised, we prepare, we make plans.
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Then you have the Unknown Unknowns. Those things that we don’t know we don’t know and no one does, not even someone with as much expertise as your contractor. The unknowns tend to throw a spanner in the works and although we should always be ready for some of them, we are never quite ready when they pop up.
The Unknown-unknown @ OrganisingChaosBlogLuckily enough, we are not having many of those, but one of them made me reach for the paper bag to breath into. The original builders built the stairs after they put the solid wooden floor on the hall with no supporting joist under the first step, so effectively my stairs were resting on floating wooden planks!!! (insert strong language here…). Now, I know that as far as unknown variables goes, this is not the worst. It wasn’t too expensive to fix and it didn’t affect other areas of the house, but still, big enough job for the size of the overall makeover! The Unknown-unknown @ OrganisingChaosBlogAll the dirty and messy work is done now so hopefully we are done with all the unknowns and we are only left with the knowns, the kitchen going up, my lovely sink being installed… all the fun stuff.

It’s starting to look like a kitchen. Units are going up. Chaotic Monkey has already said that he wants to be the first one to cook in the new kitchen. That’s fine by me. I will be supervising while having a glass of wine… sweet!

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  1. Oh no! That stairs stuff doesn’t sound fun, but at least it’s all dealt with now and you can enjoy the sight of your kitchen coming together! Can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

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