The simple life - Family time
Our first week in Spain has gone so fast. We have spent it with family, catching up, hanging out. We haven’t been doing anything special but when you are only somewhere once a year, everything feels special.
The simple life - Family time1
I am always amazed at how much my kids feel at home here. It gets easier as the kids get older. When they were very small they found it a bit harder as they were not used to the heat, they didn’t remember every member of my big extended family and speaking in Spanish all the time was tough on them. Now they look forward to coming here every summer. Spanish comes easy now, the love the food and they know everyone very well now.
The simple life - Family time3
The simple life - Family time4
It is very special for me and Mr B. We want them to feel at home here, to get used to the culture and the different traditions. Maybe one day they will decide to live in Spain. It is their second home. It is part of who they are and they have a big family here who loves them and misses them.
The simple life - Family time2
They love it here. And I love that.
The simple life - Family time
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