Some weeks are just plain sailing. You just get on with things, get organised and things work the way they are supposed to work. There is no excitement but there are no disappointments either – things just go according to plan. That is good thing, right? It is a bit hard to remember those weeks, they kind of blend into each other.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Fighting technology
Other weeks, things just don’t work. Your phone decides that you take too many photos and it will not take any more, your computer screen decides that blue is its favorite color and your hard-drives decide not to share all that valuable information that you entrusted them with. Those weeks are frustrating? you say. For my own mental health, I decide to go with exciting.

This week will not be boring. This week will be punctuated by “technological issues” and I will probably remember this week as the “week when technology decided to launch a personal attack on ChaoticItzi”.

That is ok. I will survive it. I will ignore it for a while, scream at the objects in question, shake them, call them some names, reach out to my techy friends, go to the shop where they fix stuff and I will get everything sorted. Eventually. And hopefully with no material damages.
Organising Chaos BlogI might have to have a glass of wine before Friday arrives but that is ok.
It’s all very exciting…. yes, exciting…

Chaotic Itzi

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