I am not a cake person.
I will always be far more tempted by some cheese as dessert than with a sweet treat. Mr B is like me so we are that couple that always forgets the dessert when we have people over. We are all about the starters and main courses.

An amazing Ice-cream bomb @ OrganisingChaosblog

Since we’ve had kids, we have realised that IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to celebrate certain events without cake. Kids seem to have an extra chromosome that determines that a celebration is not a celebration without a cake. The cake chromosome affects people differently depending on their genetic background and some people even lose it when the reach maturity but, in others, it only gets stronger.

As yesterday we celebrated Mr B’s birthday and Sunday is Big Monkey’s birthday too, I have been and will be making cakes. OK, let’s call spade spade. I am ASSEMBLING cakes.

My “regular” cakes are those that involve some melting at most and some assembly. But that doesn’t mean that they are boring or look terrible. Oh no! they are cool! and it’s not me saying that. All the under 10 kids are saying. Cool, I’ll tell you.

Ingredients for an ice-cream bombICE-CREAM BOMB

2/3 chocolate Swiss-rolls
1 kg of vanilla ice-cream
2-3 bags of Maltesers
Medium size see-through bowl

Get the ice-cream out of the freezer for at least 10 minutes before you are ready to assemble the cake. We need the ice-cream to be smooth and manageable.
Cover the inside of the bowl with cling-film. This will help to get it out of the bowl later on without any drama.

How to make an easy cake @ OrganisingChaosBlog
Cut the Swiss-rolls into 1 cm slices and start covering the inside of the bowl with it. Starting from the middle and working your way out in rows. Squeeze the Swiss-roll slices into the gaps, , make sure not to leave big gaps between the slices.

Once the inside of the bowl has been covered, fill half of the semi-circle with the vanilla ice-cream, add a layer of Maltesers and finish it off with another layer of ice-cream.Cover the bowl and put in the freezer.
Ice-cream bomb @ OrganisingChaosblog
Take it 10 minutes before you are ready to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and flip it onto a plate. The cling film should help you peel it off the bowl with ease. Watch the little faces light with delight as they find the Maltesers hidden in the ice-cream. 

Prepare an easy and amazing Ice-Cream Bomb @ OrganisingChaosBlog
You wanted cake? That’s a cake with an impact and a surprise!
Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction cake. A go-to-in-case-of-emergency-cake.


Chaotic ItziOCB


The weather is glorious in Ireland at the moment. I mean, really and truly glorious. Hot – and I am not talking Irish hot (ie. 17 degrees C), oh no! I am talking proper walk-your-kids-to-school-in-sandals-and-tshirt (and trousers of course) hot! no cardigan! Glorious!!!!

Sunshine makes you feel better, more alive, full of energy. We do more when the sun is shining (my garden has been transformed in a week!). Food also tends to be different when the weather is good. I am always looking for something lighter, fresher, less complicated. Anything that would helps me get the food ready quickly and back outside  to soak up as much Vitamin D as we can.

Food for sharing - Organising Chaos Blog

I guess that, as a good Spaniard, I love tapas, pintxos… a large variety of small quantities of food to share. Mix and match. It is my favorite way to eat. In the Basque Country we do pintxos rather than tapas. Pintxos are a small, individual snacks eating at the bar while hanging out with friends. They usually come on a slice of bread and spiked with a tooth pick. Bars tend to have on display an enormous variety of pintxos and Mr B and I spend our summers tasting every single one of them… for research purposes obviously… 😉

This DIY pintxo is easy to put together, full of flavor and perfect for sharing. Perfect for when you have people coming over to the house for drinks. It requires minimum effort and it provides maximum satisfaction. And if you team this with the Rosemary Roasted Almonds  your friends will love you forever and ever and ever.

Food for sharing - pintxo - Organising Chaos BlogYou will need:

  • A jar of sun-dried tomatoes in oil
  • Serrano Ham
  • Manchego cheese
  • Crusty bread

Blend the whole jar of sun-dried tomatoes in their oil to make a lovely paste perfect for spreading on the bread. This paste is amazing with anything: pasta,  sandwiches, soups, salad dressings…. just yum!

How tro make sun-dried tomato paste - Organising Chaos BlogOpen the packet the Serrano Ham and cut the Manchego cheese and the bread into thin slices.

Food for sharing - Jamon Serrano- Organising Chaos Blog
Food for sharing - Manchego- Organising Chaos BlogMake it look pretty on a board – very important!

Now, let’s get eating.  This is self-asemble, DIY, so there are no rules. It’s a mix and match.

Food for sharing - Organising Chaos BlogI particularly like spreading the sun-dried tomato paste on the bread and topping it up with cheese or ham.

Enjoy it!

Chaotic Itzi


We are already in February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Are you a Valentine kind of person?

Mr B and I never celebrated it until we had the boys and they became aware of the day. We are just not very romantic. Now  we have a “family date”, exchange cards and have breakfast in bed, all together. It’s lovely. The boys call it Love Day, and for us, that is exactly what it is.

Whichever way you celebrate, on your own, with your partner, in family, with friends… t is always nice to have some inspiration for the day.


If you like embracing Valentines Day to the fullest and go all out decorating your home, this balloon arch is just super cute and it can be used from breakfast bar to cocktail bar as the day evolves…
Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingchaosBlog
I. Am. Totally. In.Love. With. This. Chandelier. I just have to make it.
Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingchaosBlog
And what about these love-heart garlands? Easy to make and ever so adorable!
Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingChaosBlog


If you are too busy to make anything, or you are feeling lazy, or just not feeling at all, there are some amazing free printables that you could use to decorate your home and get you in the mood.

Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingChaosBlog
Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingChaosBlog

Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingChaosBlog


Now, if you are traditional and you are planning a Valentine’s romantic dinner, this caprese salad as a starter would be only delightful, delicious and super romantic!
Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingchaosBlogAn antipasto platter is totally down my alley and it means no cooking for anyone… It doesn’t get any better than this!
Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingchaosBlog

Or if you want to something a little bit more special, you could have the seafood option.
Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingchaosBlog
And I believe that tradition dictates that chocolate must be had for dessert in Valentine’s Day, right? This walnut and chocolate cake is just the perfect treat, don’t you think?Valentine Day's Inspiration @ OrganisingchaosBlog

So, whether you are having a quiet one, a by yourself one, a family one or a romantic night, I hope you are now inspired to make the day a little bit special. For you at least. Because you deserve it!

Have an amazing weekend!
Chaotic Itzi

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