Make your own Serving Board for a night with friends @ OrganisingChaosBlogWhen we updated our kitchen, we went for solid wood counters. We wanted a very white and neutral look for the kitchen and we knew that the wood would make it feel more welcoming and warm and it totally does. We are totally and utterly in love with our counter tops. Updating the kitchen @ OrganisingchaosBlog

As kitchen counters come on pre-cut lengths, we had to get 2 full lengths for the long stretch along the window leaving us with plenty of wood left to do what we wanted with it.  A big chunk of it was used to make a windowsill behind the sink and that left us with some off cuts of wood that would be no good for any other big project so we put the big pieces of wood left in the attic while we come up with projects for it and we left the small bits in the utility room.

After staring at them every time I did laundry or just passed by the utility room, I made a decision. I decided to make a couple of food boards out of them. It made perfect sense: I love food, my friends love food and  I am always looking for ways to display the food in ways that looks pretty and it’s practical, and this would be yet another way to do it. Make your own Serving Board for a night with friends @ OrganisingChaosBlog
Make your own Serving Board for a night with friends @ OrganisingChaosBlogSo once I united the boards, chalk paint and brushes I got on with it. Two hours later, a couple of magazines read, plenty of coffee drank and the paint dried, I gave the newly painted boards a rub with linseed oil to protect them and stuck some felt pads at the bottom to protect my counters from being accidentally scratched. Ready for using!

We have been using them a lot whenever we have had friends over. It makes everything look so pretty and yummy!Make your own Serving Board for a night with friends @ OrganisingChaosBlog

I have also being using them as a little personal tea station for one.

What do you think? Have you got any wood lying around your house? or are you coming to ours?

Chaotic Itzi


One of the things we liked about our house when we came to view it before we purchased it was the fact that it had wooden floors throughout the house. I grew up in a house with wooden floors and I have always liked the feel of it, not only under my feet, but also the way the house feels, clean, airy and yet cosy. The only place that had a carpet was the stairs.
We didn’t know whether we will keep the carpet or get rid of it but as I was 7 months pregnant with Chaotic Monkey, we decided to concentrate our energy into unpacking and making the house a home for the time being and make a decision later on. The carpet wasn’t that bad and it did not even make the top 50 things we wanted to do straight away in the house.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Wood vs Carpet
Last September, 5 years after moving into the house and after the other 50 jobs had been slowly ticked off the list, we decided it was time to remove the carpet. By then it was in badly need to change. Chaotic Monkey had a (let’s be diplomatic and call it) very spirited 2 years of his life where he spent a lot of time in the naughty step. The carpet on the last step was so worn that there was a hole in it where said Monkey used to store toys so he would’t be bored while in time-out, so the carpet really needed to go – it was a health and safety issue at this point.

As I have now lived with both carpeted and wooden stairs for a while and I wanted to share my thoughts on what is good and not so good about them, in my humble opinion.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Wood vs Carpet
– Easier to clean – a quick wipe will remove any traces of dirt from the wood. Wooden floors are ideal if anyone in the house suffers from allergies.
– It is cheaper to maintain. Wood requires minimum maintenance as they don’t need t be replaced and is far more resistant and hard wearing that carpet.
– They are not as noisy as people believe. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we have wood every where in the house but I expected it to be really loud when in reality is just fine. Noise is a relative thing though…
– Wooden stairs are very versatile as you can change the look of them very easily and inexpensively with a bit of paint or some wall paper.
– They can be slippery.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Wood vs Carpet
– They can only be properly cleaned with the hoover as the dirt and dust gets embedded into it.
– They need to be replaced every few years, especially if you have kids in the house.
–  Carpet  is a long term commitment as it is very costly to replace it. You better be 100% happy with the chosen carpet as it is there to stay.
– Carpet can limit what you can do with your decor
– It mitigates some noise of busy feet going up and down.
– It is also slippery

I think it is very obvious that I prefer wooden floors but hopefully my limited experience and my humble opinion will help you make a decision that is right for you and your family.

Happy Tuesday!
Chaotic Itzi