I might have mentioned once or twice that winter is not my favorite season ūüėČ

In fairness, it’s not just a dislike for the weather, the darkness, the grey skies or the cold. I do dislike all of them individually and of course, everything together is just like being sneezed by the devil. ¬† A devil with a nasty cold. And loads of snots…

But as well as the external nastiness, winter has a terrible habit to get me down. Every year, after the Halloween weekend, when the hour goes back, I feel very unmotivated, crankier, no energy and generally low in moral and energy.

I usually take vitamin D supplements during winter, but the supplements alone are not enough to have a smooth and balanced internal winter period. This year, however, I have been doing other things and I am delighted to report that this is the most emotionally balanced winter in a long time, and that is no small achievement.

Nope. I have not migrated to sunnier countries, despite thinking about it every rainy day. I have not got a SAD light either, although last year I seriously thought about investing in one of those lamps.

None of that. Investment has been minimum and yet the results have been amazing.

Do you want to know what I have done? These are my…


Vitamin D supplements


This is Step 1 – the most important one. Most people in Ireland suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. It’s not just due to the lack of daylight in winter, but the fact that even during those few hours of daylight, the sun vitamin does not get absorbed by our skin because of the clouds.
Now, what I am about to say might be controversial, but here we go. I truly believe that we should stop using creams with SPF in winter!!! You don’t need it. Most cosmetic creams have a minimum of SPF15 in them. This is all very well and good during the summer or if you live in California all year around, but here in Ireland… in winter, you don’t need it! Try to get as much as natural vitamin D as you can by making it easy for your skin to absorb it.
Anyway, I leave that with you.

Fresh Air


When I went back to work part-time during the summer, I started walking in and out as parking in town would cost me a small fortune and it would not be very cost-effective. I soon started feeling the benefits of the walk. Not only was I getting fresh air and much-needed exercise, but it was also time by myself that I would not otherwise have during the rest of the day between work and family. It was time by myself to listen to music, organise my thoughts, listen to a podcast or simply enjoy and appreciate my surroundings and the people I meet every day on my walk. It has been very good for my head.

 See-through umbrella

TIPS TO SURVIVE WINTER: SeeThrough umbrella

Yes, I really just said that, but let me explain. It’s not as random as it sounds. As it rains a lot over here (understatement of the year!!) and I was walking to work, I needed a suitable umbrella that would survive the journey and see-through umbrellas were the obvious choice because you can lower them as much as you can in order to cover all of your head and yet you can see all other pedestrians thus avoiding unnecessary eye removal to strangers. Furthermore (oh yes, their wonders do not cease here) you can also see the sky which, as grey as it may be, is still a far better option than the dark interior of an umbrella. It makes a massive difference!

Trying to find a life balance

Tips to survive winter

I have spent a lot of my winter try to find the right¬† work-life-family-fun-friends balance. As our circumstances as a family change, the balance needs to be constantly adjust. Although¬†I have not yet¬†found the perfect equilibrium, and I can’t say that I will ever have it, I am constantly striving to find it and trying to keep some sort of balance going. This has been one of my priority tasks this winter.
I believe that the simple fact of trying to achieve said balance, has led me to make better decisions over all in terms of making efforts to see friends, organise events with family, have a date night or go to bed early. An ongoing process but a process nevertheless.

So, as you can see, these tips are not hard, they require very little investment, and they are easy to follow. They are all small things. But this very short list of silly little things are responsible for me having one of the best winters in a long time.

I have been in great form, in a very positive state of mind that has brought a lot of peace to my heart and our home.

They often say it is the small things…
They must be right…
I will keep going….

Chaotic Itzi

FRIDAY, RAINY FRIDAY #ChaoticallyPositive

Today it’s finally Friday.

Friday Rainy FridayThis week has been tough. ¬†Mr B is still on tour, I have a bad cold that I can’t quite shift and the kids are getting cabin fever¬†with the bad weather and they are also missing their dad.¬†We are all tired and emotional. But today is finally Friday.

Today is not just Friday. Today is the last Friday The Unlucky Cabin Boy is on tour, the second last show. Mr B will be home on Sunday and life will go back to normal. For a short period anyway. We will soon be knee-deep in the chaos of the Christmas holidays, which we are all looking forward to.

Family time

Today it’s Friday. A wet and cold Friday. But it is a good Friday.

Soon we will all be home chasing our tales, catching up to our days. But we will all be home. The 4 of us.

Happy Friday.
Chaotic Itzi




I don’t know if it’s just me but as winter closes in,¬†cold gets sharper¬†and the days are getting shorter, I find it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Don’t tell me I am on my own here… Who likes to get out of bed in a cold morning?

Although staying in bed is not an option during weekdays, we always try to linger in  bed that little bit longer at weekends. We have been know for having family breakfasts in bed and snuggling up in wet cold afternoons while watching The Princes Bride.

The thing is that these family events require big and amazing beds. And I am not only talking about big beds, they also need to be inviting, comfortable and cosy.

This bed is just big enough for all of us and I love all the pillows and the layers… so inviting!
Organising Chaos Blog: Amazing beds

There is something very dreamy about this bed. (source)
Organising Chaos Blog: Amazing beds

I love cast iron beds, painted or otherwise. There is something very romantic and traditional about them. (source)
Cast Iron Beds

Big beds in small spaces have to be inviting and it looks like we could camp in this one for a good while!

Organising Chaos Blog: Amazing beds

And of course, a four poster bed is the ultimate luxury when it comes to beds. I would love to just close those curtains and sleep off until Spring!
Organising Chaos Blog: Amazing beds

What is your favorite bed?

Have an amazing weekend?




January is gone but February is promising to be as cold if not worse.

I don’t do very good in the cold. I find it hard to get motivated to do anything around the house. All I want to do is sit in front of the fire, under the blanket and cuddle up with my boys.

What I find most upsetting about winter is not the cold, although I am not a fan. The darkness of these months is what really gets to me, especially on those days where it is so cloudy and rainy that it feels that the day never started.

For the last few years I have been taking Vitamin D supplements in winter, from around September to (we do have a long Winter in Ireland) and it has helped me a lot. They lift my spirits and help me to cope my the dark cloud over my head.
Winter is not my season - OrganisingChaosBlog
The lack of motivation and the lack of action during these cold days, lead to a deep sense of guilt within myself. Feeling guilty for not cleaning the house, for not tidying up the toys, for not putting away the laundry, for not wanting to do anything. Meditation helps me put things in perspective, to not get overwhelmed by all these feelings and realize that it is not a big deal if the laundry doesn’t get done or the toys don’t get put away. I also try to set myself small goals, little things to do during the day. Achieving those little goals helps me reconcile my conflicted feelings.
cosy days indoors - OrganisingChaosBlog
I am still learning to deal with the cold dark days and sometimes they still get me by surprise but I am better at enjoying the days on the couch with the kids, watching films and cuddling, spending time hanging out and chatting about silly things.

The weather will improve, the days will be longer, the boys will grow up and the toys will disappear so I have decided to really enjoy and appreciate those days on the couch with them.

Have a great day.
Chaotic Itzi