Remember when back in December I had enough of my kid’s bickering and fighting when going to bed and I decided to re-arrange my entire upstairs armed with coffee and an alan key?

Well, since then, things have improved in that front. Don’t get me wrong – there is still plenty of fighting and bickering during the day but I guess that is part of having siblings and I can ignore it to an extend. But now, at night, they each go to their room. They read for a little bit. They turn off their lights. And they go to sleep. No chats. No fights. No “MUM!!! HE SAID (insert random comment!)”. No more of that. Only silence. Bliss.
Big Monkey's wall - Organising Chaos Blog
When I moved the furniture around, my mainly focus was getting the wardrobes organised ASAP. Moving Big Monkey’s clothes to his room, and Chaotic Monkey’s to his together with their toys,  shoes, summer clothes, winter coats, rain gear and all the million little “things” that they needed to survive. By the time I finished tidying all the bedrooms, it was Christmas and I was too exhausted and too bored with those rooms to think about decorating them, so I didn’t do anything for ages. Until now.

After only 5 months of sitting on my hands, I decided to buy some frames and start decorating at least one of his walls (only one though…. let’s not get too carried away here people…).  I wanted to decorate Big Monkey’s walls in monochrome, with some grey thrown in to it and some bright fun colors scattered around the room. This room used to be the spare room and it already had a little bunting and some paper flowers that I made. I thought about removing it but in the end I kept it to have a bit of color on the wall.

So I framed a print that we made together as a family and an amazing drawing that he had made a couple of years and had afterwards aged the paper to make it look old.
Big Monkey's wall Family print - Organising Chaos Blog
Big Monkey's wall - his own art - Organising Chaos Blog

It was ready for him the other when he came back from school and he loved it! I was deeply touched that an 8-year-old was so
appreciative of a collage wall in his room! There is a lot of him on the wall. Memories. It’s personal. It suits his personality. Serious but fun.
Big Monkey's wall -his room- Organising Chaos Blog
Big Monkey's wall - displaying his own art- Organising Chaos Blog
I was so delighted with his reaction I might actually finish his room before he leaves for college!
Big Monkey's wall - Organising Chaos Blog
Next up! One wall for Chaotic Monkey!
How long will it take me???

Chaotic Itzi



Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens opens in Irish cinemas on Friday the 18th of December. We are so excited! We have been waiting for the film for, like, ever!!! no exaggeration!!

We have tickets booked for Saturday the 19th to go with the boys and I can’t tell you who is more excited, the boys or me! Well I can. It’s clearly me. I win the exciting competition. Me! Me! Me!

So yes, we are Star Wars nerds in my house and if, like me, you are looking for Star Wars presents that can complement any house decor and not look tacky, I have made up a little list here for you that I hope will help you:

A Darth Vader Projection Alarm Clock would always be useful. We all have to get up, right?

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

For those nerd cooks in your life, this R2-Q5 Measuring Cup  

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

If you like books, these AT-AT book ends are for you!

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

If you know someone who likes both chess and Star Wars (it may happen), someone came up with the best combination ever!!! The Classic 3D Chess Set

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

This R2-D2 Mint Cady is so cute and it will keep your mints fresh, which is no small task!

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

A Storm Trooper mug is always appreciated, isn’t it?

Weekly Inspiration : Star WarsAnd slippers!! Always welcomed they are…. 😉

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

Now, this Chewbacca jacket  is not only practical but very stylish. Am I right or am I right?

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

And of course there is also something out there for the arty ones too. These R2D2 crayons are just adorable!

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

Or just some cool Star Wars wall art. I have to say, I ADORE this.

Collage created using TurboCollage for Windows from
So as you can see, you can give thoughtful and stylish presents all at once.
Ok, fine. At least thoughtful ones…

Chaotic Itzi



Hi lovely people, I hope you have had a fabulous weekend. Mine was pretty nice despite the nasty tummy bug that decided to visit me, so I didn’t manage to share my weekly inspiration with you today, but don’t worry, I am making up for it today.

Las week, adding my boards to my Etsy shop took extra long, not because there was anything wrong with the website, quite the opposite, the website is highly efficient and it is full of gorgeous and very inspiring things. I love that Etsy is one shop for all international handmade sellers, it is such a beautiful community!

I love these arrows. I must get these arrows. They match my tattoos and my kid’s weapons
Etsy - Arrows

These crochet floor cushions are just so pretty, They are also on my wish list for my birthday or Christmas, I can wait.
Etsy - Crochet floor cushions

I don’t really use jewellery but I would buy some just to use this beautuful Jewellery plate
Etsy - Jewellery Plate

As for this Storm Trooper Wall Art, we can safely say that there would be discussions as to what room would get to host it!
Etsy - ABC Block Bamboo Wall Art

I love the style and pattern in this clutch. This I might have to get for myself very very soon!
Etsy - Wallet

Have a great day. Be isnpired!
Chaotic Itzi

Organising Chaos


Happy Sunday lovely people? Have you had a good week?

Mine was a bit challenging. I have had a bad cold, a tummy bug and headaches all week but I think I have managed to stay in (relative) good form as the sun was shining outside.

What inspired me this week

Great song for dancing around the house. Happy tunes, happy days, sun shinning, all is good.

OrganisingChaosBlog - DIY Artwork lg
This amazing wall art is so inspiring.

OrganisingchaosBlog - Weekly inspiration
I don’t know if maxi dresses are still in but I am very much looking forward to wearing mine this summer.

OrganisingChaosBlog - Weekly Inspiration - Headboard
I am still on the hunt for the perfect headboard – bought or handmade.

OrganisingChaosBlog - Weekly Inspiration - Plantation shutters
I love plantation shutters, they make any room so dreamy…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay inspired.
Chaotic Itzi


As I mentioned yesterday, we tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. The boys love making cards and decorations for the house and I decided to make some wall art to decorate the house for the weekend. We don’t have great plans but it is nice to make a bit of an effort.

You know me by now, I like easy and effective. These 3 cards are so easy to make that you could even make them with the kids. .

1 – I HEART U card
I wanted to make one card for all my boys but I didn’t want a busy front  so I decided on a simple message. I love you card - OrganisingChaosBlog
I got one sheet of pink card and another red one. I cut the red one in half, I wrote my message on it and I cut it out.
I then covered the pink sheet with washi tape and I glued the red page on it.
I heart U Card - OrganisingChaosBlog
It is a very simple idea but it is pretty and effective.

This wall art is my favorite. I find it so sweet and all you need is a marker and some lipstick.
Kisses - OrganisingChaosBlog
Write your sentence on a white card, put on lipstick, feel pretty and kiss the card.
I need your kisses - OrganisingChaosBlog

On a red card I stuck some washi tape on it and I cut the words out.
Washi tape for Valentines art - OrganisingChaosBlog
I then glued the letters onto a black paper for contrast and cut the words out and glued it again onto some white paper. Following my big monkey’s suggestion, I added a heart garland on top to make it (and I quote) extra special.
Be My Valentine Art - OrganisingChaosBlog
I love the contrast of the white, black and colors.

This wall art will be decorating our house over the weekend while we have breakfast together in bed, cuddle up in bed and watch some silly film in the afternoon.

What are your plans?
Chaotic Itzi