Once upon a time, we had some very crappy table nests in the house. They were bought when we were very young, foolish (somethings never change) and we didn’t have much money. We needed little tables around the house so the nest was bought.

The years passed by and the tables survived few moves and many different uses before the legs broke. Despite having no emotional attachment whatsoever to these not-so-nice set of tables, I decided to keep the top of 2 of the tables as they were made of solid wood and I knew (ok, I thought? I hoped!)  they could be up-cycled at some stage and become a whole new product.  6 years later, I feel vindicated.
Make your own personalised sign - OrganisingChaosBlog.comI always liked old signs. Whenever I see an old sign in a second-hand shop I have to stop myself from buying it because, as much as I like old signs, I don’t want a sign that says nothing about my family in my house. I feel like I need to have some sort of personal connection with it, something that reminds us of something but as that was looking very hard to find, I decided to make one myself.

I knew exactly where I wanted to place it : crowning the gallery wall (does it sound posh or what!?!).

I wanted the sign to feel like an extension of the gallery wall but a tad bit different. Same but different, very clear, right?
Make your own personalised sign - OrganisingChaosBlog.comFor the “same” part, I decided to paint the background of the sign, aka the top of my table, with the same colors as my gallery wall: grey and white. I painted the stripes with Autentico Chalk Paint (Soft Grey and Casa Blanca) and then I distressed it by sanding it with fine grit sandpaper to make it feel old. Lastly, I gave it a coat of clear wax to seal the paint and to make it smoother. I love it!
Make your own personalised sign - OrganisingChaosBlog.comMake your own personalised sign - OrganisingChaosBlog.comI just wanted a simple but meaningful sign, a number and a letter. I got the 4 because there are 4 of us and the letter B because all our surnames start with B. It doesn’t get any more personal and simple than that, right?

I  also painted the letters with Chalk Paint. First with the grey and then some pink (Antique Rose) so when I distressed the edges by lightly sanding them you can see the grey underneath ever so slightly. To give it a more romantic tone, I added some floral washi tape to the letters. That’s just me, a romantic at heart…
Make your own personalised sign - OrganisingChaosBlog.comMake your own personalised sign - OrganisingChaosBlog.comI then only had to glue the letters to the sign. It was a tough decision though… 4B or B4… I ended up going for 4B thus avoiding having to explain that the sign did not say “before”… which of course was going to happen…

I totally love the contrast between the rough grey and white background, and the vintagy (totally a word!!) and romantic feel of the letters.

So there it is, my very own, personalized, hand-made and full of meaning sign.
How easy was that? very!

Chaotic Itzi

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Last week I posted in Instagram a photo of some of the notice boards I had been working on and I had planned to have them all ready and up in the Etsy Shop by the end of that week, but as it tends to happen life got busy, took over and I never got to finish the boards.
Vintage Notice Board -
Some of you asked me by e-mail when I was going to have them ready and I had to give a definite answer this time as I didn’t want to let you down again (sorry…), so I have been pulling a couple of late nights and I have them finished and up in the Etsy Shop.

As well as the standard size boards (30 cm x 40 cm) I have also made a large one (60 cm x 60 cm) which would be lovely in anyone’s hall  if you have too many lovely things to display. It would also make a perfect welcome card in any business’ entrance displaying photos of what they do, their facilities, o simply displaying thank you cards and happy messages from satisfied customers.
Big Vintage Notice Board - Vintage Notice Board -

I also made some small boards ideal for baby rooms to display the baby’s hospital tag, the first photo… all those amazing keepsakes that are too precious to put away straight away.
Mini Notice Boards -
Mini Notice Boards -

You guys have been so good to me since I started this journey that I wanted to give you something in return, so I decided to have a Hand-made Notice Board (30cm x 40cm) monthly giveaway on the blog. You just need to leave a comment below and let me know what you would display on your notice board. You will get to choose your favorite 30cm x 40cm board from the shop and it will be delivered to your front door.
Vintage Notice Board -
Vintage Notice Board -
Vintage Notice Board -

So thank you, thank you for your support! It is deeply appreciated it!

Have an amazing day,
Chaotic Itzi


It’s Saturday!!! and it is starting to… (should I say it? maybe not… I will say it…) feel like Spring!
I am feeling positive and I think that reflects my choice of weekly inspiration. What do you think?

Make your own terrarium
This image really inspire me to create my own terrarium at home.

paint that looks like wallpaper-2
I am totally obsessed with this  paint roller! It is just adorable! It’s in my wish list (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Vintage Caravan
This lovely vintage caravan makes me dream of summer.

Looking forward to seeing this film.

I want to make this no-sew-teepee for the kids, for the garden – they would totally love it!

Have a great weekend lovely people.

Chaotic Itzi