I might have mentioned once or twice that winter is not my favorite season ūüėČ

In fairness, it’s not just a dislike for the weather, the darkness, the grey skies or the cold. I do dislike all of them individually and of course, everything together is just like being sneezed by the devil. ¬† A devil with a nasty cold. And loads of snots…

But as well as the external nastiness, winter has a terrible habit to get me down. Every year, after the Halloween weekend, when the hour goes back, I feel very unmotivated, crankier, no energy and generally low in moral and energy.

I usually take vitamin D supplements during winter, but the supplements alone are not enough to have a smooth and balanced internal winter period. This year, however, I have been doing other things and I am delighted to report that this is the most emotionally balanced winter in a long time, and that is no small achievement.

Nope. I have not migrated to sunnier countries, despite thinking about it every rainy day. I have not got a SAD light either, although last year I seriously thought about investing in one of those lamps.

None of that. Investment has been minimum and yet the results have been amazing.

Do you want to know what I have done? These are my…


Vitamin D supplements


This is Step 1 – the most important one. Most people in Ireland suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. It’s not just due to the lack of daylight in winter, but the fact that even during those few hours of daylight, the sun vitamin does not get absorbed by our skin because of the clouds.
Now, what I am about to say might be controversial, but here we go. I truly believe that we should stop using creams with SPF in winter!!! You don’t need it. Most cosmetic creams have a minimum of SPF15 in them. This is all very well and good during the summer or if you live in California all year around, but here in Ireland… in winter, you don’t need it! Try to get as much as natural vitamin D as you can by making it easy for your skin to absorb it.
Anyway, I leave that with you.

Fresh Air


When I went back to work part-time during the summer, I started walking in and out as parking in town would cost me a small fortune and it would not be very cost-effective. I soon started feeling the benefits of the walk. Not only was I getting fresh air and much-needed exercise, but it was also time by myself that I would not otherwise have during the rest of the day between work and family. It was time by myself to listen to music, organise my thoughts, listen to a podcast or simply enjoy and appreciate my surroundings and the people I meet every day on my walk. It has been very good for my head.

 See-through umbrella

TIPS TO SURVIVE WINTER: SeeThrough umbrella

Yes, I really just said that, but let me explain. It’s not as random as it sounds. As it rains a lot over here (understatement of the year!!) and I was walking to work, I needed a suitable umbrella that would survive the journey and see-through umbrellas were the obvious choice because you can lower them as much as you can in order to cover all of your head and yet you can see all other pedestrians thus avoiding unnecessary eye removal to strangers. Furthermore (oh yes, their wonders do not cease here) you can also see the sky which, as grey as it may be, is still a far better option than the dark interior of an umbrella. It makes a massive difference!

Trying to find a life balance

Tips to survive winter

I have spent a lot of my winter try to find the right¬† work-life-family-fun-friends balance. As our circumstances as a family change, the balance needs to be constantly adjust. Although¬†I have not yet¬†found the perfect equilibrium, and I can’t say that I will ever have it, I am constantly striving to find it and trying to keep some sort of balance going. This has been one of my priority tasks this winter.
I believe that the simple fact of trying to achieve said balance, has led me to make better decisions over all in terms of making efforts to see friends, organise events with family, have a date night or go to bed early. An ongoing process but a process nevertheless.

So, as you can see, these tips are not hard, they require very little investment, and they are easy to follow. They are all small things. But this very short list of silly little things are responsible for me having one of the best winters in a long time.

I have been in great form, in a very positive state of mind that has brought a lot of peace to my heart and our home.

They often say it is the small things…
They must be right…
I will keep going….

Chaotic Itzi


Happy February lovely people! Wow! January went fast, didn’t it?

January can be a tough month to get through. We tend to have little cash in our pockets, we are exhausted from the Christmas parties and get togethers, the weather is getting colder… Even the children feel it! Chaotic Monkey told me yesterday that he was very tired because we had too many parties in Spain over Christmas. Life is tough when you are 6, for sure!

I have to say that this month was ok for me. It took me a good while to get back into the swing of things. Back into the routine, the organised meals, the timetables… everything. It was the same after the summer holidays. I think I am just so good at being on holidays that my whole self fights going back to reality. So, if you ever hear of a job that requires being on holidays and relaxed, please make sure to let me know… please….

Last month on the blog, I shared my new approach to the tidying conflict in my house.¬†I have to say it is working a treat. The idea of the toys being confiscated or in “time out”, as they call it, for few days is a great incentive to get things going before going to bed without an argument. If I had only known this before… Have you tried it yet?
A new approach to the tidying conflict - OrganisingChaosBlog
I also talked about being a blanket person and how to cheer up a plain blanket with simple pompoms. By the way, I can’t stop making pompoms. I find it so soothing and therapeutic. Also, I am trying to stop biting my nails so it helps having my hands busy on the couch ūüėČ
Make a plain blanket super cute with pompoms - OrganisingChaosBlog
I also shared tips on how to keep the cables tidy around the house, and 3 different uses for paint brushes that should help you make your life easier. Have you tried any of them yet?
Paint brushes are not just from painting - OrganisingChaosBlog
I am delighted with my personalized sign crowning my stair gallery. I love that it means something to us and that it is now part of our home. There will be fights as to who gets it on the will, I just know it… ūüėČ
Make your own personalised sign -
My January plant smells so delicious that I would love to have one in every room. As that is not going to happen, it will have to move with me from room to room until at least Spring has arrived.
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog
And this month as we get closer to my kitchen renovation date (insert happy dance here!) I needed inspiration in the kitchen lighting department, and also some inspiration was needed to decorate the boy’s rooms according to their age and needs. I will be copying some of the ideas for sure.
Kitchen lighting Inspiration @ OrganisingChaosBlog

So goodbye January. It was lovely to have you but glad that you are gone. We are now a month closer to Spring. A month closer to Summer.

I have a gut feeling that February will be kind to us. What do you think?

Chaotic Itzi



Whether you have little ones that like drawing on any surface, moving in or out of rented accommodation in need of some cleaning or even ,like me,  you are a little clumsy and clothes and surfaces suffer the consequences of said clumsiness, it is always useful to know how to get remove permanent marker from just about anything. 
OrganisingChaosBlog - How To Remove Permanent Marker
If you have never had the need for this information, you are my hero.
Me? I have it printed and laminated.

Have an inspired day.
Chaotic Itzi


I always have a big tub of Vaseline somewhere in the house. It is such a useful product to have, it serves so many purposes and it is very very cheap.
10 Unsual uses for vaseline
The main use for Vaseline in our household was probably the same as for most people: to prevent and sooth dry lips or dry skin, but although petroleum jelly have many amazing uses to helps us look more amazing, it does not limit itself to the realm of beauty.

Keep reading for some very unexpected uses for this amazing product:

#1 –¬†¬†It will keep your perfume¬†for longer.
As moisturized skin holds scent better, you only have to rub some Vaseline on your pulse points before you spraying your perfume and you will be smelling fabulous for longer.

#2 –¬†¬†It helps¬†define lashes.
If you are not a mascara person but you like to lashes to make a statement, apply a tiny amount of vaseline to them and use the curler. Your lashes will look fuller and longer and it is said that it also helps to grow them faster.
10 Unsual uses for vaseline
#3 –¬†It helps control brows.
Vaseline is great to keep the brows looking amazing for the whole day. Dab the pad of one finger into the vaseline and rub it with another finger to distribute the formula and apply to your eyebrows.

#4 – Polish Shoes
By rubbing some vaseline onto boots, shoes, bags and any other leather products and buffing them you will make them look good as new.

#5 Р To help heal sunburn
For those days when you fall sleep on the beach or you forget to apply SPF and you skin is paying the price, apply large supplies of Vaseline to the affected areas to lock in moisture and prevent peeling.

#6 – Use as eye make-up remover
Vaseline is an inexpensive option to gently and easily remove any eye make-up, from eyeliner to mascara to eye shadow. Gently apply it around the eye area and rub the area with a cotton pad.

#7 –¬†To aid putting on earrings
If you don’t wear earrings regularly, putting on earring can be very uncomfortable and even painful. Rub your lobes with a little Vaseline beforehand for an easier time.

#8 – Customise your own cosmetics.
By adding some Vaseline to your favorite loose pigments, you can make a creamy eye shadow, blush and even a tinted lip balm.

#9 – Remove Makeup Stains
For those days where you were to tired or lazy to remove your makeup before going to bed (it’s not just me, right?) use a damp washcloth with some Vaseline on it to remove makeup stains from clothes, pillows and blankets.

#10 – As an instant highlighter
Just dab a tiny amount of Vaseline on the high points of your face for a naturally luminous glow. Also, in the summer, slide some down your shins to make your legs glow.

What do you think? Do you have any other uses that you would like to share?
Let us know,

Chaotic Itzi


Tips to Organise your Wardrobe
When we first moved into our house, about 5 years ago, we were delighted with all the build-in wardrobes in every room.¬†It wasn’t only the fact that we didn’t have to spend loads of money that we didn’t have in storage.

In all these years, we have been very good at organising the wardrobes in our room. Ok, maybe good is an overstatement but we have been ok – there are still a couple of drawers that could be purged but the rest is acceptable. The wardrobes in the other rooms on the other hand, it is a whole different story.
So true
I can’t actually tell you what is in the spare-room and craft-room wardrobes. We throw in there anything and everything –¬†¬†Out of sight out of mind. From craft supplies, to winter and summer clothes, to air mattresses and anything in between. It is only when it comes to look for something that becomes frustrating and infuriating.

I am now a woman in a mission, and that mission is to organise and de-clutter every wardrobe in the house. I am aware that this task will take longer than a day, or even a week and I am determined to make some changes to my approach to wardrobes (so I never have to do it ever again!).

These tips are wonderful and they should help me to keep my wardrobes organised long-term

The hardest part about getting rid of clothes that I don’t use is to decide what¬†has to go. I always seem to find a reason to keep certain items of clothes around, even if I have not worn them in ages.¬†This time around I have decided to be ruthless.
Hangers facing the same direction
Arrange¬†your hangers so they are facing the same direction. Each time you wear something, flip the hanger when you put it away. At the end of a few weeks, anything¬†that hasn’t been turned, you haven’t used it and it can go. No excuses

I never know how to organise scarves. I tend to put everything in boxes but I never have enough scarves to fill a box and once in a box I forget that they are there so I never use them.
Organising scarfs
By tying the scarves to a hanger you will be able to see exactly what you have and they will be nicely tidied up in your wardrobe.

Such a simple idea and yet so effective!
Shoe Boxes as drawers organisers

Baskets are very useful to store small accessories like belts, clutches, wallets that you want to keep handy.
Baskets to store small items

It’s a lovely way to ¬†free up some much-needed space on counters and display all your beautiful bits and pieces
Organising jewellery - 1

Garment bags are very useful to store the items of clothing that you don’t wear that often (suits, dresses) and by using tags you will always be able to identify what is in them.
Garment Bags

Plastic boxes are ideal to store away your summer shoes in winter and your winter shoes in the summer and hide them under the bed until they are needed again.
Plastic boxes for out of season shoes

I am looking forward to seeing my organised wardrobes and to see how much I get to donate to charity.
Wish me luck!
Chaotic Itzi


Hi lovely people! I hope you have had a good week and that you have lovely plans for this weekend.  I am so happy that January is nearly over and we are a month closer to Spring. Yay!!

Looking around the web this week I have found this amazing twist on your traditional french toast. I will be trying it next Friday (as per our Breakfast Menu). By The Girl Who Ate Everything
Frech toast with a twist
This tip to fill wall holes is one to keep, I know I’ll use it often. By Budget Savy Diva
Tips to fill nail holes
This is totally what my craft room looks like. Really. Totally. (I wish…) By The Budget Decorator
Craft room
I have been looking for a mirror for the boy’s room and I think I have just found it. I love the color! By Cheese Crafty
Dinosaur mirror
I am equally attracted and scared of this succulent.Crazy plants
Have a brilliant weekend!
Chaotic Itzi