POSITIVE THINKING: Enjoying the Little Things #ChaoticallyPositive

The last month has been a bit crazy busy

In the middle of December, I moved every bed in the house and about 85% of the rest of furniture. It was intense. I am nearly finished tidying up all the rooms but it has taken the best of a month and a lot of back pain. The chaos, the constant mess, the darkness and the bad weather was not a great combination for my head but I knew that I wouldn’t get done before the Christmas holidays and that I wouldn’t be able to do anything from Spain, so I made a decision to do little bits every day without getting bug down on finishing the rooms. That was a great step towards keeping my sanity.

This decision also helped me focus on the little things.Focusing on the little things - OrganisingChaosBlog.com1. I managed to make some presents for the teachers in the boy’s school 2. We had a lovely morning going to visit Santa and hanging out with Rudolph 3. The boys got dressed up to go to see Star Wars: the Force Awakens, the first time 4. Big Monkey made a Christmas card that sums up our Christmas 2015 – equal amounts of excitement for Star Wars and Santa – perfect!

Focusing on the little things - OrganisingChaosBlog.comChristmas - Spain 2015Hanging out with family in Spain was soooooo lovely!!! 1. Travelling to Spain had many hiccups and took much longer than we planned but the boys were so good and patient. Real heroes. 2&3 . Christmas Day was fabulous. It was sunny, it was warm, there was 40 of us. Loads of chats, loads of hugs, loads of food. So good for the soul. 4. Chaotic Monkey and I went to a soccer match with my sister. He loved it.

Focusing on the little things - OrganisingChaosBlog.comAnd this is my new BFF,  one of my presents this Christmas. It makes everything better….

Have a  fab day
Chaotic Itzi

POSITIVE THINKING: Enjoying the Little Things #ChaoticallyPositive

Last couple of weeks have been very busy. Mr B has just started his voyage around Ireland with The Unlucky Cabin Boy and the rest of the crew, which has left me at home in sole charge of house and children, which involves a lot of running away and talking to oneself.

Being the only parent around it also gives me an opportunity to hang put more with the kids, to have more cuddles and fun chats with them. They are so funny!
We are also creating new recipes. Lasagna, Pasta, Pizza is Chaotic Monkey’s specialty. It is remarkably tasty and easy to make so it will make the round again in my house…
#ChaoticallyPositive - Hanging out with the kids and cooking new dishesWe are very lucky to live in a lovely neighborhood with a strong sense of community and I am extremely grateful for neighbors that will give us free local honey because they know we love it. Also ridiculously grateful for friends that will give you the most thoughtful and cool present just because they thought you’d like it. And I did! That little sewing machine is just adorable!
#ChaoticallyPositive - Grateful for neighbors and friends
Although the play is taking Mr B away quite a bit, there are also days where he is at home and we’ve had a chance to have lazy lunches, which we never get to do anymore. The kind of lunch that involves some eating, loads of coffee and loads of chats – remember those?
#ChaoticallyPositive - Having lunch with Mr B
All these beautiful moments took place in the midst of chaos and rush but I am delighted that they happened and that I took the time to enjoy them and appreciate them for their beauty.

How was your week? Stay #ChaoticallyPostive


The Unlucky Cabin Boy is back again this year and it opens in Limerick today. It is all very exciting. My brother-in-law wrote the music and lyrics and the my sister-in-law and my very own Mr B are in it. I am very proud of all of them. They are all very talented.  Ridiculously so, but I still love them.  The Unlucky Cabin Boy

The preview was on tonight and it will run until the end of the week. This incredible production will be touring the country for the rest of the month bringing this amazing story to different corners of Ireland.

Mr B and I don’t watch much TV but the bit that we watch we tend to watch it together. We love starting a TV series on Netflix and watch them together till the end. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of TV series that he likes that I don’t and vice-versa but we tend to watch those when there is soccer on, or one of us is out, which is not that often.

With the play on, Mr B is going to be away for the best part of the month of November which means that all “together watching” comes to a halt and starts the season of “just me watching”. This pretty much means that I won’t keep watching our current TV series. I can’t. It’s something we do together. I’ve tried it, but it feels wrong…  like cheating. The same goes for all the films that we want to watch together, I don’t watch them. I wait until both of us are home. So during this month, I will get to watch all those films and series that Mr B is not that into, as many “who done it” (s) as I want, re-watch all the Sherlock episodes (BBC) and watch all the Hunger Games films.

Organising Chaos - Watching TV on my own

Picking a film or a new series feels like a big commitment if that choice has to be made by more than one person. You have to consider the subject, the genre, the characters, what everyone is in the mood for… so many decisions!! Things will be simpler on my own.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking forward to spending the month as a single mother, and I mean that with my utmost respect for single mothers. I am just looking for the positives of not having Mr B around for a month, I am looking for the silver lining and if Miss Marple or Sherlock will spend the evenings with me, well, it might not be such a bad month after all.

What are you watching at the moment? Any good suggestions?
Chaotic Itzi

POSITIVE THINKING: Enjoying the Little Things #ChaoticallyPositive

Last Friday morning, I found myself driving to my friend’s house to have breakfast and go over some insurance papers together. I was sitting in my car at a traffic light, listening to Ron Sexsmith and thinking how much I enjoyed his gig the week before, the car was smelling fresh thanks to my new air freshener (not to my deep cleaning skills), feeling extremely grateful for having not only amazing friends, but also friends that are willing to help with insurance grown up paper work over some coffee and smoothies, and despite the grey sky, the rain and the cold, I was feeling grateful. I was feeling grateful that I have a car to drive, property to insure, health to enjoy music and good friends.

It is amazing how a fresh linen smell in your car can put a smile in your face, how music can lift your spirits and how friends remind you that you are not alone. Maybe it is not amazing. Maybe we all know it. It is easy for me to enjoy the little things in life when the days are long, you feel the heat of the sun in your skin, sitting outside surrounded by family and friends. Those are the good things. The simple things. It is when the days get short and the dark and the cold creep in, when sitting outside is not an option and the days seem too short and miserable to meet up with anyone, it is during those days that I have to make a big effort to find the beauty in little things and not succumb to the grey.

Last year, I challenged myself to take photos of anything that put a smile in my face  and I then shared those photos, mainly taken with my phone, on the blog. It helped me to look back in the week and highlight the funny, silly and even mundane moments that made me smile in the middle of the chaos, the routine and the rush.

I have decided to bring back my Positive Thinking posts (previous posts: here, here, here and more). I will be sharing my thoughts and photos every two weeks on the blog and I would like to invite you all to share your Positive Moments here on the blog, on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook by using the hashtag #ChaoticallyPositive. 

This week has been filled with family, cooking, messes and fun.
Positive Thinking #ChaoticlyPositive
We don’t get to see these little people (or their parents) nearly as much as we would like so we have been making some memories that will last forever.
Positive Thinking #ChaoticlyPositivePositive Thinking #ChaoticlyPositive
Think positive. Embrace the chaos.
Chaotic Itzi

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Some weeks are just plain sailing. You just get on with things, get organised and things work the way they are supposed to work. There is no excitement but there are no disappointments either – things just go according to plan. That is good thing, right? It is a bit hard to remember those weeks, they kind of blend into each other.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Fighting technology
Other weeks, things just don’t work. Your phone decides that you take too many photos and it will not take any more, your computer screen decides that blue is its favorite color and your hard-drives decide not to share all that valuable information that you entrusted them with. Those weeks are frustrating? you say. For my own mental health, I decide to go with exciting.

This week will not be boring. This week will be punctuated by “technological issues” and I will probably remember this week as the “week when technology decided to launch a personal attack on ChaoticItzi”.

That is ok. I will survive it. I will ignore it for a while, scream at the objects in question, shake them, call them some names, reach out to my techy friends, go to the shop where they fix stuff and I will get everything sorted. Eventually. And hopefully with no material damages.
Organising Chaos BlogI might have to have a glass of wine before Friday arrives but that is ok.
It’s all very exciting…. yes, exciting…

Chaotic Itzi