I am really looking forward to Spring. It is coming soon, right?

The weather around here in Ireland feels a bit bipolar : one day we have hailstones and the next day is a beautiful dry sunny day… I live for the sunny days, that’s where I get my life from.

I am really looking forward to peeling off some of my layers, to be able to go outside without a heavy jacket on. Since I live in Ireland I am not holding on to any romantic idea of removing my tights any time soon. It will probably happen in July, for about 2 weeks. That’s it. At least for me. Maybe it is my Spanish blood. I like it hot.

ModCloth has a gorgeous collection of beautiful clothes and accessories. It’s so fresh, light and airy… I can nearly smell the spring… And they have a SALE ON!!

I am totally in love with ModCloth’s amazing collection of beautiful 50s dresses.  I am determined to buy myself one and to wear it to some fun event – even if I have to organise said event!!
ModCloth colorful dress @ OrganisingChaosBlog

But they don’t only have beautiful dresses… oh no! They have much more!
ModCloth Black and White Skirt @ OrganisingChaosBlog

This bags is fun, it is beautiful and it is perfect for sunny weather, don’t you think???
ModCloth Cat Bag @ OrganisingChaosBlog

And if you need a bigger one for weekends…
ModCloth Weekend Bag @ OrganisingChaosBlog

What about this beautiful floral phone charger? You would be using your phone all the time to tire out the battery so you can show off your amazing phone charger
ModCloth phone battery @ OrganisingChaosBlog

And a serious accessories that will make your heart melt and jump with delight all at once!
From scarfs…
ModCloth scarf @ OrganisingChaosBlog

to rings…
ModCloth Ring @ OrganisingChaosBlog

And of course your home must look as beautiful as you.
From cushions…
ModCloth Cushion @ OrganisingChaosBlog

to cutlery…
ModCloth Cuttlery @ OrganisingChaosBlog

to bedspreads…
ModCloth Bed Spread @ OrganisingChaosBlog

Well, are you in love yet?
Are you treating yourself to something? Remember the sale!

Have an amazing weekend!

Chaotic Itzi


When I was thinking about what plant to get in January my first thought was to get a cactus. I think I have been bitten by the cactus bug. I want my very own cactus corner. It will happen. Eventually. There are many months in the year. 12, I have been told!
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog

In the end I bought a Jasmine Hoop and I couldn’t be happier. Right after I bought it, the skies turned a not so hot shade of grey and it started hail-stoning. Not cool. But it wasn’t too bad because my Jasmine Hoop smelled amazing and some of the little white flowers are starting to bloom. It cheered me up.
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog

Jasmines are meant to be easy enough to look after and it should flower year after year given the right conditions. Jasmine flowers on new wood so the pruning should be done in the spring, after the plant has finished flowering but it shouldn’t be done too early as there is often a second flush. So prune but not too early.
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog

The delicious smell and the pretty little flowers of this plant are a great reminder that this weather cannot last much longer and that Spring is just around the corner.

Longer days, colorful flowers, fresh smells… Spring will be here any minute now…

Have you bought any plants recently?

Chaotic Itzi


There is nothing like that Friday feeling partnered with good weather to encourage you to make plans for the weekend. Whether is just hanging out at home with your family and painting the shed, meeting up with friends and grab a bite to eat or having a barbecue with your neighbours, good weather and weekends should be celebrated, especially around these part of the world where the good weather may not come back at all!

OrganisingChaosBlog - The Gin Fizz
This cocktail really encapsulates spring for me: fresh, crisp and a little bit bitter. Maybe I am reading too much into this – sorry about that – I will get on with it.

GIN FIZZ – serves 1
1 1/2 measures of gin
1 tsp sugar
few long shreds of lemon peel
crushed ice
soda water
OrganisingChaosBlog - The Gin Fizz
Mix the gin, the sugar and the lemon peel together until the sugar has dissolved. Pour into a long glass full of crushed ice and top up with chilled soda water.

The sugar and the lemon peel really make this cocktail something special.
OrganisingChaosBlog - The Gin Fizz
Have an amazing weekend, whatever you are up to!

Chaotic Itzi


Do you ever find that after few months you cook the same 10 or 12 recipes over and over with sometimes a variation if someone comes over for dinner? I feel a bit stuck in a rut, like I should introduce new recipes into my repertoire, more summery dishes, but I still need them to be family friendly, healthy and not too labor intensive – I’m not asking for much, am I?

My mum was born in Mexico and we love Mexican food in our house, so I think this Beef Enchiladas recipe would be a great hit in my house.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Recipes to try this Spring - Beef Enchiladas
These Sweet Potatos and Chickpea Cakes look extremely appetizing and healthy for lunch with a side salad. Yum!
OrganisingChaosBlog - Recipes to try this Spring
Noodles are good anytime of the year and this Singapore Noodles recipe looks like will be my Spring noodle recipe
OrganisingChaosBlog - New Spring Recipes - Singapore Noodles
And as every week needs a quick pasta dish, this will be it! I can’t wait to try it!
OrganisingChaosBlog - Recipes to try this Spring
Doesn’t this Fish Fillet Sandwich look amazing, fresh and inviting? Delish!
OrganisingChaosBlog - Recipes to try this Spring
I have my shopping list done and I will be doing my shopping today – I can’t wait to try all these recipes!

I will let you know how I get on, in the mean time, Happy Monday.

Chaotic Itzi


It looks like Spring has finally decided to make an appearance in Ireland. Temperatures have gone up, daffodils are coming up, evenings are getting longer, kids are playing out… there is a (tiny) bit of heat in the sun… I am hopeful.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Paper garland
I have been working on a little Bring On Spring project around the house in an effort to encourage Spring to finally arrive and it looks like it has finally paid off. I am just too powerful… beware (insert evil laugh)…  Don’t worry, I only use my powers to make things sunnier and warmer…

This paper garland feels very springy (is that a word?), it is an easy and cheap way to decorate and to bring Spring into any corner of the house.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Paper garland
Cut some small circles from colorful paper and fold them in half.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Paper garland1
Take a piece of string and glue three circles around it by gluing half of the circle at a time and keep going until your desired length
.OrganisingChaosBlog - Paper garland
It is also lovely to brighten any playroom, bedroom, kid’s rooms… ok, I am bias, I love them anywhere!
OrganisingChaosBlog - Paper garland5
Have an inspired day,

Chaotic Itzi