Cocktail time- The Screwdriver

It is now 2 weeks since we came back from Spain and we went straight into the school routine, timetables… all that. Routine is good, especially when you have kids. I like structure, knowing what we are doing and when,and because our schedule is so tight during winter, I love throwing it all out the window in the summer and going with the flow, and I then am happy to go back to our routine.

Part of our winter routine is our Friday ritual. The kids have cinema night, which involves home-made pizza, smoothie, pop-corn and hot chocolate with marshmallows, and the adults have cocktails in the kitchen.
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
Tonight’s cocktails is one of my favorites:  a Screwdriver. This is my cocktail of choice in Spain so it has a lot of sunny and lovely memories attached to it.
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
1.25 ml of Vodka
Juice of 1 orange
Fizzy orange
Orange peel to garnish

Put 6 ice cubes in the glass and rub the edge of the glass with the orange peel.
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver 3
Add the vodka, the juice of one orange and fill it up with fizzy orange. Stir carefully, decorate and enjoy!
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
The purists will have the Screwdriver with just vodka and orange juice but I like mixing fresh orange juice with some fizzy orange – that is how they serve it in Spain and that is how I like it. If you want to go the purist route, just fill the glass up with orange juice. I won’t judge you, I promise. 😉
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
Have you got a favorite summer cocktail? Share it with us!

Happy Friday,
Chaotic Itzi

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The simple life - Family time
Our first week in Spain has gone so fast. We have spent it with family, catching up, hanging out. We haven’t been doing anything special but when you are only somewhere once a year, everything feels special.
The simple life - Family time1
I am always amazed at how much my kids feel at home here. It gets easier as the kids get older. When they were very small they found it a bit harder as they were not used to the heat, they didn’t remember every member of my big extended family and speaking in Spanish all the time was tough on them. Now they look forward to coming here every summer. Spanish comes easy now, the love the food and they know everyone very well now.
The simple life - Family time3
The simple life - Family time4
It is very special for me and Mr B. We want them to feel at home here, to get used to the culture and the different traditions. Maybe one day they will decide to live in Spain. It is their second home. It is part of who they are and they have a big family here who loves them and misses them.
The simple life - Family time2
They love it here. And I love that.
The simple life - Family time
Chaotic Itzi


Hello lovely people. how are you all keeping? Yes, I am alive and well (despite popular belief!).
Last week was very busy during the day and I was too exhausted at night to write anything. I think my body was fighting a bug or something as I have been very lethargic all weekend, falling sleep in every corner, which is not really like me. But I am back. I feel restored and energetic this morning.

Last week I started painting my outdoor furniture and I am hoping to finish it this week to be able to show you. It is looking really fresh and I am delighted with it. I also bought some material to make some outdoor cushions which I would love to get done this week but I don’t know if it is a realistic expectation as I am going to Spain mid July this year and I am trying to get organised before the boys get their summer holidays next Tuesday.
Skimming stones in Plentzia
You see, the original flights were booked for the 2nd of August and the four of us we were heading to Plentzia (outside Bilbao – Spain) for the whole month. A month’s holidays is a luxury, I know, but It gets better. This summer is exceptional in that I am not working for “a man” but more for myself and as Mr B had to go to Dublin for a week of rehearsals in July, I decided to change my flights and go home with the boys mid July until the end of August (7 weeks!!!) This is probably the longest holiday I have had since college ( a long while ago…) and it might not repeat itself so I decided to make the most out of it.
At the beach
The boys love been in Plentzia. It is a small village by the sea, with the playground, the river (for crab catching or fishing) and the beach all under a 10 minute walk, surrounded by a family that adores them, daily ice-creams and Spanish food – what is not to love! It will also be great for their Spanish to spend 7 weeks in Spain but I bet they haven’t thought about it! i can’t wait to go, to spend quality time with family and friends, to see my adorable nieces (and hopefully steal them for a couple of days), to hopefully get some sunshine and vitamin D, to just be.
At the fairground with my nieces
So I have 7 working days to get the books, uniforms and back packs ready for September; to organize their summer clothes, see what I need to buy, put away their winter clothes that are in good condition and recycle the rest and finish off little projects. Wish me luck!

Ths simple life

What are your summer plans? Are you organized?
Chaotic Itzi


Hey guys, I am so excited!!! I am really really excited! (insert ridiculous happy dance here)
Last week I got a nomination for the lovely Rebecca Wadlington from How Do I Grown Up blog for the Creative Blogger Awards.

The Creative Blogger Award

I am very humbled by this amazing nomination, mainly for two reasons: one because I have not been blogging for that long, and more importantly, because Rebecca is a brilliant and funny blogger that I really admire. She has a great inside into people  and her own language that sounds very similar to that of my Chaotic Monkey – I’d say they would understand each other pretty well.

I never win anything. Really, nothing. So to get this nomination feels very special. Very damn special! I feel like my efforts and my time are going somewhere… I am getting slightly emotional.. I’ll stop now…

When you get nominated for this award, instead of getting all dressed up and going to a party (which, by the way, I am totally having) there are different rules, which are:

1 – You thank and post a link to the blog that nominated you : How Do I Grown Up, check it out, you’ll love it!
2 – Share 5 facts about yourself to readers
3 – Nominate 10 blogs and link to them
4 – Notify nominees via social media/blog
5 – Pass along the rules
6 – Carry on being kind to one another

So here we go: 5 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF

My full name is Itziar
Although noone has ever called me that, well, except my mother when she was very cross with me. It is a Basque name and I love it. I can spell  it in my sleep as I have been spelling it for the last 15 years I have been living in Ireland. I am originally from  a small village outside Bilbao, in the north of Spain where I lived until  I met the love of my live, a lovely Irish long-haired boy and after many adventures we ended up settling up in Limerick, Ireland
Guggenheim Bilbao
I love second-hand shops
I love hunting for bargains. Anything vintage, old and pre-loved is always welcome in my house. I particularly love vintage pillow cases. They make the bed so much more comfortable and prettier.

I am quite shy
Whenever I say this to someone they always laugh. I find it hard to meet new people, to start conversations, the first steps. Once I’m in though, you can never get rid of me. Or keep me quiet. So they say, anyway…

I love travelling
Before we had kids, Mr B and I took 14 months out and went travelling around the world. I loved it. I loved Peru and Bolivia, I would move into Argentina in the morning and retire to South East Asia any day. I am already planning our next trip when the boys are in college – the Transiberian from Russia to China. Only another 10 years to go…

Agatha Christie and Star Wars are my Sunday comforts
I love all the “Who done it” but Miss Marple and Hercules Poirot are my favorites together with Sherlock. They are my Sunday afternoon lazing on the couch with my blanket guilty pleasure, on the rare occasions where I get to do it. As for Star Wars, I mean, what is not to love? I. Can’t. Wait. Till Christmas
Star Wars 7


Make sure to check them out, you will surely adore them as much as I do.

What are your favorite blogs? Go on, share!
Chaotic Itzi
Organising Chaos


Today is a big day in Spain, full of family, presents, get-togethers and food (everything is always around food in Spain).
Creating a festive atmosphere
Last night, the Three Wise Kings came to our house and delivered presents even though we live in Ireland. They know that we are Spanish and after they deliver all the presents in Spain, they go around the world delivering presents to all the Spanish kids living in other parts of the world. My kids love it. They get more presents and they don’t have to go to school – what is not to love? It also makes them feel a bit special, which is lovely.

Although we are not a religious family, we do celebrate this festivity, the traditional aspect of it. We follow my family’s traditions. Although Mr B didn’t grow up with these traditions, we have been together for so long that they have also become his traditions and he has fully embraced them.
Creating a festive atmosphere for the 3 Wise kings
We leave milk and cookies for the Three Wise Kings so that they can have a little rest in our house(although my parents always left something much stronger for them). We get up in the morning, we get in line from youngest to oldest, and we start marching downstairs chanting Todo el castillo debemos recorrer (We must go through all the castle) until we reach the sitting room. When we reach the door, we need to make sure that they are not still there. We knock. We listen. We know again to make sure. We open the door very slowly… and then Mr B and I just look at the kids, their faces. It is just magical.
Milk for the 3 Wise Kings
The traditional breakfast on the 6th of January is el roscón. It is delicious.  I can’t tell you if it is truly that delicious or if it is loaded with memories. There is usually a little toy hidden in it and tradition dictates that whomever finds it needs to buy next year’s roscón. As we can’t get them here, they have been replaced with chocolate croissants. Still good. Not many memories attached yet though. Working on that.Roscón de Reyes
I am looking forward to a relaxed day hanging out with the kids. It is a lovely way to finish the holiday break.
Tomorrow, all the decorations will come down. Slowly but surely. I am ready.
opening presentsThe kids opening presents
I love embracing traditions and making our own, it means that we are growing as a family. I love it.
Have a great day, Chaotic Itzi