This month’s plant is a Chlorophytum, better known as a Spider Plant. (spider plant, spider plant, spider does what a spider can...)

My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 3

I have been wanting to introduce plants to the boy’s playroom for a while now but I was worried about where to place them. By the window, where most of the light is, there is no shelving other than the windowsill and plants would not be safe there. On the other side of the room, where the shelves are, there is less light and loads of toys, so there was no guarantee that the plant would be safe there either.

My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 1My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 2So what do you with a plant you want to place in a children’s playroom? You hang it! close to a window if at all possible.

With the location decided, I then had to decide what plant to get. Hanging plants look great when first hung and as they start growing they turn amazing and they really become a feature in the room. I love them.

This amazing plant will have more leaves coming out at the end of the leaves as it grows and that it both weird and cool, which makes it perfect for the boy’s playroom. And it’s a spider plant in a room full of SpiderMen, that’s cool right? It is in my house…
My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant My monthy green purchase - Spider PlantI used a little plastic yellow bin to add an element of fun to the piece, made my macrame hanger and hung it close to the window. It looks so fresh! I love the different greens on the leaves – so bright!
My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant
The boys haven’t noticed it yet. I wonder if they ever will… 😉

Chaotic Itzi


I have been working on putting together a gallery wall for my stairs.Choosing a color scheme - grey, coral, white and blue

I guess that when planning a gallery wall, the main considerations are the frames and the prints, or at least they were for me. I had good few frames lying around. They were different styles and sizes, which is good, but also different colors, which is not so good for me. I like the idea of totally different frames in some gallery walls but not for this one. I was looking for some bit of uniformity.

Deciding on what color to use in the frames has been the biggest delay in getting this infamous gallery wall started. I might have mentioned before that I am a bit anal complicated when it comes to colors. I knew I didn’t want anything dark. I wanted to keep the stairs light and airy so I needed a light color. I also knew I wanted something neutral enough so the frames would not clash or take away from the prints.

Organising Chaos - Choosing a color scheme
After much deliberation (first world problem, right?), I decided to paint the frames light grey with Autentico Chalk Paint and complement the grey with some coral and light blue decorations and prints. I love the grey, coral, white and blue combination. It is light and fresh, calm and uplifting.
Organising Chaos - Choosing a color scheme Organising Chaos - Choosing a color scheme

I have used chalk paint before (here, here and here) and you have probably figured out that I pretty much love it. There is no need for sanding and it covers any surface with very little effort, perfect! I decided to leave some frames grey, to lightly distress others and to mix the grey with some white in others to keep it lively and playful. A bit of variety within the uniformity. I like that.

Organising Chaos - Choosing a color scheme

I now have to plan how I am going to organize the frames on the wall. I like the random factor with some sort of order. You know what I mean, don’t you? I am hoping to share the final wall very soon.

Very soon…
Chaotic Itzi


Organising Chaos - Free Halloween PrintablesThis week we are enjoying our first mid-term break and some quality time with the Scottish cousins that are over for the break. As the boys don’t have any cousins in the country (they have them in Australia, Spain and Scotland), whenever we are together, we always make a huge effort to hang out as much as possible which involves plenty of sleepovers, big messes, constant cooking and loads of tea and coffee.

We are also planning a Halloween party for Saturday. This party is also an excuse to celebrate all the kid’s birthdays as we haven’t managed to be together for any of them. The kids are very excited. We are trying to make decorations to have the house ready and that is where the marvelous artists that offer their prints for free in the world-wide web come to the rescue once again and not for the last time.

These free printables will make your house look amazingly spooky and stylish for your Halloween party.
Organising Chaos - Free Halloween Printables

Pumpkin soup Trick or treat printable  /  Happy halloween girl / Halloween treats / Halloween invitations

Organising Chaos - Free Halloween PrintablesHappy Haunting  /Spider CiderHalloween silhouettes / Straw FlagsWitching you a Haunted Halloween

What are your plans for Halloween? Are you having a party?
Let us know,
Chaotic Itzi


A good while ago, walking around some of my favorite second-hand stores in Limerick, I picked up this gem of magazine holder.
Up-cycling a Vintage Magazine holder
I love the shape of it. It sounds cliché but they certainly no longer make them like they used to. This magazine holder is solid and sturdy, I particularly love the handle, but those men had to go.
Up-cycling an old magazine holder
As I wanted to bring this vintage beauty to the 21st century, I decided to give it a total make-over rather than just a face-lift.

I started by painting the sides and inside with grey spray paint. I then used white chalk paint for the edges and I distressed it a little bit with some sand paper.
Up-cycling an old magazine holder
Up-cycling an old magazine holder 1
The lovely men in lovely tights were replaced with some contemporary geometrical wall paper.
Up-cycling an old magazine holder 2Up-cycling an old magazine holder
I am really happy with the result. It is great to finally have something to keep our newspapers and magazines in.
Up-cycling an old magazine holder
What do you think? Have you up-cycled something recently?

Chaotic Itzi


When Big Monkey was 2 and a bit, we got him a play house for the garden. Back then we didn’t get to go out for walks as much as I would have liked as Chaotic Monkey was only a baby napping a lot, so it was important to me that Big Monkey would have somewhere to play in the garden. This house has been a house, a shop, a garage, a tent… so many stories and plots have developed in that house, both of them have enjoyed it, played on it, climbed it… until one day, when they realized they were both too big to get in and out of it.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
It was around the same time when the number of kid’s vehicles with wheels (ie. flickers, bicycles, scooters) started to increase and I was starting to get tired of bringing them in and out through the front door, folding them, removing dirt from my hall floor and storing them under the stairs. I needed a different storage solution – a house extension, a garage maybe?

Since I had the play house and I needed a space to store children’s vehicles, I decided to transform the play house into the boy’s shed to store the bikes, that way they could bring their bikes through the side gate and totally bypass the house and they would still be protected (ish) from the elements.

OCB - Upcycling a play house into a kid's shed

After so many years outside, the colors in the play house were already fading. The sides of the play house were a faded orange color which is pretty much the same color as ours (by design, I know, you need to question our decision making), so I decided to leave it. This meant I only had to paint the red roof black in order to have a mini shed for the boys.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
I decided to use Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Protective Coat on top of the black spray painting in order to give it another layer  of protection against the elements and the kids.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
The mini shed has worked a treat. We have had it as a working mini shed for about a year now and it is as functional and fun as the first day. They can get the bikes and scooters in and out themselves, there are no more wheels though the house and we got to up-cycle this lovely play house that has given us so many fun memories – how good is that?
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
We are also re-using the kid’s turtle sandpit as their garden. It is there where they get to plant whatever they wish and they love been responsible for their own patch of land – it must be an Irish thing…

Have you got any up-cycling projects that you would like to share?
Chaotic Itzi

Organising Chaos


I am an aspiring organised person, a wannabe. I mean, I love the idea of having things organised but I don’t always get to organise them, either for lack of storage, lack of space,lack of energy and even sometimes pure laziness.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make your own tags
When I do organise, I like grouping things together, putting them in boxes, jars, baskets and bags and in order to remember what is where, I like tagging them. Tags are great as they come in different sizes and they can be hung from anything.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make your own tags
The things is, tags don’t necessarily need to be boring and plain, nor they have to expensive to be pretty. All you need to do in order to make a pretty tag is some cardboard, some pretty paper, some glue, some washi paper and your imagination is your limit. There are so many free tag templates around the net these days that you don’t even have to draw your own ones. For this project have chosen few different from RubberStamping and Ihanna.
Make your own tags - Material
Cover some with paper, put some washi tape over others, cover only the edges… whatever pattern or design takes your fancy, whatever you have, whatever suits your house.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make your own tags
This personalised tags are also great to make any gift feel more special and individual.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make your own tags
Come on! get organised!

Chaotic Itzi

Organising Chaos


My boys love having celebrating the small things of life. They love having Breakfast Parties, where the 4 of us get to have breakfast in bed. They love having picnics at home, either in the garden (and it has to be on the grass despite having a perfectly good table outside) or if the weather is bad, we will have them in the sitting room’s floor. They love having kid’s coffee (frothed milk with powder chocolate sprinkled on top) and cake and celebrate all our birthdays together, or celebrate the fact that it is Saturday and we are all together.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
Food and family are the most important part of these celebrations, definitely, but they also love decorating. They love making the moments special with flowers and decorations. We have made and bought many decorations throughout the years, but they have been used so much that I thought it would be nice to make new ones.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
When it comes to party decorating, bunting is essential. To me, bunting means fun, whimsical and sunny so I decided to make a bunting that could be hung both inside and outside and be used more than once.

During some aimless browsing in different shops recently, I came across the Bunting Adhesive Wall Stickers. I was not planning to get them at first as I thought the boys were a bit too old for having bunting decals in their room or in their playroom and besides, I wanted something I could move around. It was then that I noticed that they had been reduced to €1.50 a packet, so I thought that even if I didn’t come up with something to do with them, I could always give them to someone else. In the end there was no need as I quickly came up with a solution.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Bunting decals
I decided to use white card paper to stick the decals into and making the bunting that way. So after applying the decals to the card paper and cutting them, it was pretty much done. Few holes with a hole puncher and some string and ‘Bob is your uncle’, as they say over here. (they do say it, I promise it!)
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
I can now use it inside and out. So far we are using it inside mainly but I am looking forward to our first outdoor picnic with the new decorations.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
Do you have special celebrations at home?

Chaotic Itzi


We always know that home-made presents are much better. They tend to be more realistic and kids love making them or helping making them. My kids get very proud in having a once off toy, something made exclusively for them. They love it.

Over the Easter break, we had the pleasure to spend some time in Connemara, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and probably the world. It is quite wild, the sun was shinning  and we were meeting loads of lovely family, it was very special. 
Connemara - West of Ireland
Mr B made bows and arrows for all 9 kids. They were a great hit as you can imagine. 
The West of Ireland
The bows and arrows were brought home but as we didn’t have a forest or big trees to shoot into. We needed a target.

We bought a square canvas and starter making circles of different sizes and colouring them. The boys picked the colours, the size of the circles and they insisted on making most of the circles and the colouring. It is very much their own project. 
Making a home-made targetOrganisingChaosBlog - Homemade toys
They have got so much use out of it and they are so proud. They keep bringing their friends over for bow and arrow demonstrations. 
Homemade toys - a bow, arrows and a target
They couldn’t have been happier with these toys. They love them and they feel very special and unique! No amount of money can ever buy that.

What about you? Have you got home-made toys?
Chaotic Itzi