We like cork boards in my house. And when I say WE, I refer to the royal we. As in ME.

I like having somewhere to put things up, to make that drawer-full-of-random-papers a tiny bit lighter, somewhere to gather the kids’ invitations so I remember to bring them to parties and recipes that I rip from doctor’s waiting rooms while I pretend to cough (oh yeah, that’s me!).

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Around this time of the year, we tend to get together with friends and family, catch up, celebrate and have few drinks. After the clear up, there is the inevitable trip to the glass recycling bank to get rid of the cadavers.

I came across a couple of nicely shaped bottles of wine and I thought they would look lovely around the house. I wanted to do something special with them. Do them up in such a way that would serve many purposes, that would look nice all year around and not only at Christmas. A bottle is not only for Christmas… (you get it? a twist on “a poppy is not only for Christmas” – bad? really? I’ll get my coat)

I like having different textures around the house. Wool, wood, wicker, plastic, string… For this project I chose to cover the bottle with cotton string and PVA glue. It is a simple project with a big impact.

Cover the bottom of a wide container with PVA and some water to thin the glue a little bit.
Put the string into the container slowly and carefully to avoid getting the string tangled that would make the wrapping of the bottle later on difficult.
Dip the string into the fabric stiffener
Once the string is well covered with the PVA glue, start wrapping it around the bottle. Start from the bottom and keep rolling the bottle to cover the whole bottle.
Start wrapping the string around the bottle
Make sure that the string is wrapped tightly together.
Keep wrapping the string into the bottle
Once the bottle is fully wrapped, leave it to dry for a day in cling film, until the string has dried fully and hardened.
Fully wrapped bottle
Once it had dried, I decided to decorate it for the festive season with some sprayed painted twigs. You could also put a candle on it, some wild or dried flowers, anything you want. So versatile and easy to make
Upcycling and decorating
Have you got any nice bottles around the house? Any plans for them?
Chaotic Itzi