Christmas time is THE time for giving and receiving presents, and it’s lovely, most of the time.

I love buying presents for family and friends. I love thinking about what they might like, what they have, what they need, what they would use…. it’s just lovely putting time and effort into buying those presents.

There are other presents that are hard to buy, like the office Secret Santa where you have got someone you don’t really know all that well, a very limited budget and not a whole lot of inspiration. You are looking for presents that are both nice and impersonal, lovely but not offensive. I don’t like the idea of just buying something, wasting money in something that you know will end up in a drawer – it’s such a waste of money! I just can’t.

I have made up a list with ideas of things to buy that are thoughtful, in budget and will not end up in a dark corner.

For the guy who likes to work out at home – Hand weights
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy who is always taking photos in his phone – 3 in 1 Lens Set
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy who has not grown up yet fully – a Rubber Band Gun
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy into Superheroes and coffee – a Batman mug
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the football aficionado – a Football Beanie
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the gambler in your office – a poker set
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy with the vintage look – SuspendersOrganising Chaos - Presents for him under €10  For the guy who wants to save the world – a Cooking Stove
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy who knows how to look after himself –  beauty products
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the foodie in your office – a cooking book
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

I hope that this list will provide you with some inspiration to go out and buy a nice gift for all the men in your life, including the newbie in the office, and thus freeing some time to enjoy the Christmas chaos and shenanigans with loved ones.

Happy shopping!
Chaotic Itzi


Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens opens in Irish cinemas on Friday the 18th of December. We are so excited! We have been waiting for the film for, like, ever!!! no exaggeration!!

We have tickets booked for Saturday the 19th to go with the boys and I can’t tell you who is more excited, the boys or me! Well I can. It’s clearly me. I win the exciting competition. Me! Me! Me!

So yes, we are Star Wars nerds in my house and if, like me, you are looking for Star Wars presents that can complement any house decor and not look tacky, I have made up a little list here for you that I hope will help you:

A Darth Vader Projection Alarm Clock would always be useful. We all have to get up, right?

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

For those nerd cooks in your life, this R2-Q5 Measuring Cup  

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

If you like books, these AT-AT book ends are for you!

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

If you know someone who likes both chess and Star Wars (it may happen), someone came up with the best combination ever!!! The Classic 3D Chess Set

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

This R2-D2 Mint Cady is so cute and it will keep your mints fresh, which is no small task!

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

A Storm Trooper mug is always appreciated, isn’t it?

Weekly Inspiration : Star WarsAnd slippers!! Always welcomed they are…. 😉

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

Now, this Chewbacca jacket  is not only practical but very stylish. Am I right or am I right?

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

And of course there is also something out there for the arty ones too. These R2D2 crayons are just adorable!

Weekly Inspiration : Star Wars

Or just some cool Star Wars wall art. I have to say, I ADORE this.

Collage created using TurboCollage for Windows from
So as you can see, you can give thoughtful and stylish presents all at once.
Ok, fine. At least thoughtful ones…

Chaotic Itzi



This week’s inspiration is Etsy. Whether you are thinking of getting organised and start your Christmas shopping early this year or whether you just want to treat yourself to something special, Etsy has it all.

From the most delicate stoneware jug (by LiquoriceMoonStudios) that would be a great addition to my jug collection as much as a thoughtful present for a loved one.
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Stoneware tan Jug

To some amazing and beautifully made sun catchers by dortdesigns
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Dragonfly suncatchers

This jewelry organizer by BarnCatStore should help you keep your favorite pieces organised and on display
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Jewelry Organiser

I have to write things down and personal planners are a must to be organized during the year, especially with one as gorgeous as this by myrubberstamp
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Personal planner

If you want, need or feel like updating your Kindle cover, these handmade options by bertiescloset are always more special, don’t you think?
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Kindle cover

For those fighting the cold outside this scarf by  KnitPopShop is both cosy and fab. I love the colors!
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Plaid scarf

I need these slippers by YniusFelt. I want these slippers. I am getting these slippers…
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Felted wool slippers

In the home decor department, this geometric clock by LatteHome is one of my favorites. I love the colors!
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Geometric clock

There is something very classic about glass magnets and I love the designs in these ones by TannerGlass. I can think of so many people who would just love these!
Etsy Autumn inspiration - Glass Magnets

And let’s not forget that special pet in your life. They also need to be cosy and nothing says comfort and warmth as this cat cave by VaivaIndre. Pretty cool indeed!!!
Etsy Autumn inspiration - cat cave

Have you made your Christmas list yet?
Are you inspired yet?

Chaotic Itzi


Today is a big day in Spain, full of family, presents, get-togethers and food (everything is always around food in Spain).
Creating a festive atmosphere
Last night, the Three Wise Kings came to our house and delivered presents even though we live in Ireland. They know that we are Spanish and after they deliver all the presents in Spain, they go around the world delivering presents to all the Spanish kids living in other parts of the world. My kids love it. They get more presents and they don’t have to go to school – what is not to love? It also makes them feel a bit special, which is lovely.

Although we are not a religious family, we do celebrate this festivity, the traditional aspect of it. We follow my family’s traditions. Although Mr B didn’t grow up with these traditions, we have been together for so long that they have also become his traditions and he has fully embraced them.
Creating a festive atmosphere for the 3 Wise kings
We leave milk and cookies for the Three Wise Kings so that they can have a little rest in our house(although my parents always left something much stronger for them). We get up in the morning, we get in line from youngest to oldest, and we start marching downstairs chanting Todo el castillo debemos recorrer (We must go through all the castle) until we reach the sitting room. When we reach the door, we need to make sure that they are not still there. We knock. We listen. We know again to make sure. We open the door very slowly… and then Mr B and I just look at the kids, their faces. It is just magical.
Milk for the 3 Wise Kings
The traditional breakfast on the 6th of January is el roscón. It is delicious.  I can’t tell you if it is truly that delicious or if it is loaded with memories. There is usually a little toy hidden in it and tradition dictates that whomever finds it needs to buy next year’s roscón. As we can’t get them here, they have been replaced with chocolate croissants. Still good. Not many memories attached yet though. Working on that.Roscón de Reyes
I am looking forward to a relaxed day hanging out with the kids. It is a lovely way to finish the holiday break.
Tomorrow, all the decorations will come down. Slowly but surely. I am ready.
opening presentsThe kids opening presents
I love embracing traditions and making our own, it means that we are growing as a family. I love it.
Have a great day, Chaotic Itzi


The kids are on holidays, the adults are on holidays, all presents are bought and most wrapped, all decorations are finally up and the house is feeling very Christmasy. I feel like I can now sit back and relax, enjoy some time together with the family and catch up with friends.

If you are still short few presents but you don’t feel like joining the crowds fighting their way through the the shops (I was out there today and it was horrible!), you can always make some very nice and thoughtful presents with things that you most likely already have in the house, from the comfort of your house. Sounds good?

This Lavender Body Scrub is amazing, super easy to make and a real treat for anyone. It will make anyone feel like a million dollars for few cents.
Home-made lavander sugar body scrub - very easy

Infused Olive Oils are ideal for the foodie in your life.
Lemon, rosemary and chilli oils

A Frame Key holder is always a thoughtful and useful present.
DIY frame key holder

This Lip Balm is fantastic present any time of the year, but especially now when lips get dry from the cold and the heating.
Beeswax lip balm

Making Tissue Paper Flowers for a crafty friend or family member could not be any easier.
Blue tissue paper flower

This Pom-pom Bookmarks are ideal for the bookworm in your life

OrganisingChaosBlog - Making pom poms bookmarks for kids

I hope you don’t have much left to do. Go on. Relax. You totally deserve it!
Chaotic Itzi


I have to admit that I always find it more difficult to buy for men than for women and I think I am not alone in this.
I am not sure why that is. Most men that I know have plenty of interests and hobbies, and yet, it takes me twice if not three time as long to buy presents for guys.

As promised, here I am with the list of 5 presents for him under €10. 5 presents for him under €10

1. Stencilize has amazing animal prints and t-shirts and sells in its Etsy shop. I particularly like this buffalo print, it has sweet eyes…

2. You are my Star mug from Next. They are so cute and they come in pairs, so you can have coffee together.

3. Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser by Natural Skincare is perfect for men with very sensitive skin as it contains Vitamin E and Green Tea and a bunch of other natural products, and nothing nasty.

4. Personalised phone covers by Vistaprint are a great personal present. You can add any photo you want so you can make it as romantic, as Christmasy or as professional as you want.

5. Headphones like these are always extremely useful for listening to music or watching soccer on the tablet… they keep balance in the universe.

I hope these ideas will provide you with some guidance and inspiration to help you reach the finishing line. I am nearly there and I am planning to sit back, relax, and enjoy some wine.

Chaotic Itzi