This month’s plant is a Chlorophytum, better known as a Spider Plant. (spider plant, spider plant, spider does what a spider can...)

My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 3

I have been wanting to introduce plants to the boy’s playroom for a while now but I was worried about where to place them. By the window, where most of the light is, there is no shelving other than the windowsill and plants would not be safe there. On the other side of the room, where the shelves are, there is less light and loads of toys, so there was no guarantee that the plant would be safe there either.

My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 1My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant 2So what do you with a plant you want to place in a children’s playroom? You hang it! close to a window if at all possible.

With the location decided, I then had to decide what plant to get. Hanging plants look great when first hung and as they start growing they turn amazing and they really become a feature in the room. I love them.

This amazing plant will have more leaves coming out at the end of the leaves as it grows and that it both weird and cool, which makes it perfect for the boy’s playroom. And it’s a spider plant in a room full of SpiderMen, that’s cool right? It is in my house…
My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant My monthy green purchase - Spider PlantI used a little plastic yellow bin to add an element of fun to the piece, made my macrame hanger and hung it close to the window. It looks so fresh! I love the different greens on the leaves – so bright!
My monthy green purchase - Spider Plant
The boys haven’t noticed it yet. I wonder if they ever will… 😉

Chaotic Itzi


Decorating with plants - A bowl of cacti

Remember back in Spring when I wanted cacti but I was worried to get them for the kids? Well, after much thinking during my holidays (I actually had time to think!!!), I decided that the kids would be fine as long as I place the cacti somewhere appropriate and the kids know what they are. I definitely over-thought this cactus business, but that’s me – I over-think random stuff and I under-think all the important decisions. It seems to be working for me so far… I’ll stick to it!

My parents had a gorgeous green bowl that I remember used to be full of cacti growing up but it had been empty for good few years now so I decided to make my first experiment there. It was only appropriate.

Decorating with plants - A bowl of cacti - so pretty
I decided to go for a combination of cacti and succulents to make it more interesting.Once they were all planted, I covered the soil with some colored glass beads that reflect the light.
Decorating with plants - A bowl of cacti

My parents were delighted. It makes a lovely table feature and the glass beads makes it very bright. I liked it so much that I decided to do something similar in my own house in Ireland. Same, same but different, you know?

I had a couple of glasses that had a crack at the top and were too dangerous to drink from but too pretty to throw away, so I decided to used them for the cacti.
Decorating with plants - A glass of cactus
I used some white decorative stones at the bottom of the glass and I also covered the soil with them.
Decorating with plants - A glass of cactus

While buying the cacti, I also bought a couple of succulents. I know that it was only meant to be one plant a month but they were tiny, cute and super cheap and I had few cuts from other succulents that I wanted to plant and all together they would look lovely. Anyway, I did buy them and I did plant them and I am very happy about it now… (and slightly embarrassed for the long explanation…).
Decorating with plants - Succulents
Decorating with plants - Succulents
I think cacti may be addictive – all the different shapes, colors, flowers… I will try to stay strong. I will try…

Have you got cactus at home? What is your favorite cactus?
Chaotic Itzi


When Big Monkey was 2 and a bit, we got him a play house for the garden. Back then we didn’t get to go out for walks as much as I would have liked as Chaotic Monkey was only a baby napping a lot, so it was important to me that Big Monkey would have somewhere to play in the garden. This house has been a house, a shop, a garage, a tent… so many stories and plots have developed in that house, both of them have enjoyed it, played on it, climbed it… until one day, when they realized they were both too big to get in and out of it.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
It was around the same time when the number of kid’s vehicles with wheels (ie. flickers, bicycles, scooters) started to increase and I was starting to get tired of bringing them in and out through the front door, folding them, removing dirt from my hall floor and storing them under the stairs. I needed a different storage solution – a house extension, a garage maybe?

Since I had the play house and I needed a space to store children’s vehicles, I decided to transform the play house into the boy’s shed to store the bikes, that way they could bring their bikes through the side gate and totally bypass the house and they would still be protected (ish) from the elements.

OCB - Upcycling a play house into a kid's shed

After so many years outside, the colors in the play house were already fading. The sides of the play house were a faded orange color which is pretty much the same color as ours (by design, I know, you need to question our decision making), so I decided to leave it. This meant I only had to paint the red roof black in order to have a mini shed for the boys.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
I decided to use Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Protective Coat on top of the black spray painting in order to give it another layer  of protection against the elements and the kids.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
The mini shed has worked a treat. We have had it as a working mini shed for about a year now and it is as functional and fun as the first day. They can get the bikes and scooters in and out themselves, there are no more wheels though the house and we got to up-cycle this lovely play house that has given us so many fun memories – how good is that?
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
We are also re-using the kid’s turtle sandpit as their garden. It is there where they get to plant whatever they wish and they love been responsible for their own patch of land – it must be an Irish thing…

Have you got any up-cycling projects that you would like to share?
Chaotic Itzi

Organising Chaos


Remember my plan to buy only a plant a month (see January and February plants)? Well I don’t know how this happened but it looks like I forgot to buy a plant in March . I am actually surprised at myself but I think I have made up for it during this month.
April Plant - An Easter Cactus
Although most of the plants I have bought were for the garden and technically they don’t fall under my “monthly quota”, I have spent quite a bit of money on them so I think I need to let the March plant go.
April Plant - An Easter Cactus
I have been thinking of getting a cactus. There is something lovely and crazy about them. I love their little flowers and their weird shapes. I just have a little issue with spiky cacti (cactuses or cactus – yes, all correct) and children, in that I don’t know if they are a good combination, especially when one of those children is Chaotic Monkey…
April Plant - An Easter Cactus
So I decided to compromise and I bought an Easter Cactus.
It seems that this little beauty is the more temperamental cousin of the Christmas cactus. They tend to flower around the end of April and the beginning of May with the most beautiful pink starburst shaped flowers, so I have either missed it or it is about to happen – either way, I think this gentle cactus looks amazing as it is.
April Plant - An Easter Cactus
Have a great day.
Chaotic Itzi


Easy and quick projects are my favorite, especially with the kids at home. I decided to take advantage of their “ninja training” to get something done.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot 1
I have had this tin for years. It has been used to store sweets, pens, my sewing kit, anything and everything… but it is starting to look very shabby and I have lost its lid so I decided it was time to update it.  I found an amazing marble effect adhesive paper and I wanted to use it on this project. Marble always looks great and expensive, and this project will allow you to update any tin into something amazing!
OrganisingChaosBlog - An average tin
I measured the tin and cut the dc-fix accordingly. I then wrapped it around the tin slowly to make sure that there was no air bubbles.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot
From shabby tin to fancy flower pot, a bit difference in few minutes.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot 3
What did you do today?
Chaotic Itzi


I am loving the Easter break, the longer evenings and the color that Spring is bringing.

In this week’s inspiration:

If you are into up-cycling and plants at the same time, this project by Green Obsessions is for you.
Weekly Inspiration - Plants and upclycling

I have found a great tutorial to make cool belts for kids and to stop the “builder’s crack” from happening.
Weekly Inspiration - BigBoyBelts

This is a great alternative to die your eggs naturally by 104 Homestead. Better for you, and better for the environment.
Weekly Inspiration - how to Dye Eggs naturally

I have been thinking about signing up for a sewing course and I think I have found the one. This Craftsy course looks amazing!
Weekly Inspiration - Craftsy Sewing Courses

I love skirts and I love stripes. I just adore this skirt!!!
Weekly Inspiration - Stripey Skirt

Have an amazing weekend!
Chaotic Itzi


While attempting to tidy up my utility room last week, I came across few plant pots that I got good few years ago. They were looking too tired and battered to use them around the house so I decided to update them. I am always getting material for different projects and I always end up with odd cuts and bits and pieces that I can never bring myself to throw out, so I decided this was the perfect project for them.
OrganisingChaosBlog - how to cover a pot
For this project I used some decoupage medium as it is very easy to use, it dries quickly and it works as a water resistant sealant which means.

Apply the decoupage glue to the pot and start covering it with the material. Don’t worry when  the decoupage medium goes through the material, this is meant to happen. Once you have cover the sides, cut the top and bottom about 1 cm from the edge, apply your glue to the surface and fold the material in, smoothing with your fingers. Once all is dry, apply another 2 coats of decoupage medium all over the pot to make it water resistant. OrganisingChaosBlog - how to cover a pot
Once all the material is attached and the top and bottom, cut a circle the size of the bottom of your pot and glue it in (you can use any glue for this).
OrganisingChaosBlog - how to cover a pot
Covering your flower pots is  lovely cost-effective way of making things match in your house and create a coordinated scheme.

And no, this is not a new plant, it just some cuttings from my Wandering Jew one. Not cheating, just working the system 😉

Have a great day,

Chaotic Itzi