Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live and I think this should be one of our main aims in life, not only for us, but also for our children and the generations to come.

Recycling protects the environment by conserving raw materials and protecting natural habitats for the future. It also saves energy and can save you money. Recycling just one plastic bottle will save enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for three hours! Yes, you read right, three whole hours! Is that amazing or what!
Cotopaxi : del-dia-I have recently come across an amazing company : Cotopaxi, an outdoor company that funds sustainable poverty alleviation, moves people to do good, and inspires adventure through innovative outdoor products and experiences.

The beauty of recycling
I love that their main focus is to alleviate global poverty by building sustainable solutions working with local communities.

They make some amazing bags (check them out here!) made fully completely from re-purposed fabrics. They are practical, handmade and since they are all made from scrap material, no two bags are alike!

Very inspirational stuff, isn’t it?
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Check them out. You will get an amazing product made with love and care by people for people, communities and the environment.
The beauty of recycling - Cotopaxi
Last Sunday (November 15th) was AMERICA RECYCLE DAY. In Europe we have different recycling days (European Battery Recycling Day, European Week for Waste Reduction… ) but we should aim for everyday been Recycling day. Are you with me?

Chaotic Itzi


We always know that home-made presents are much better. They tend to be more realistic and kids love making them or helping making them. My kids get very proud in having a once off toy, something made exclusively for them. They love it.

Over the Easter break, we had the pleasure to spend some time in Connemara, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and probably the world. It is quite wild, the sun was shinning  and we were meeting loads of lovely family, it was very special. 
Connemara - West of Ireland
Mr B made bows and arrows for all 9 kids. They were a great hit as you can imagine. 
The West of Ireland
The bows and arrows were brought home but as we didn’t have a forest or big trees to shoot into. We needed a target.

We bought a square canvas and starter making circles of different sizes and colouring them. The boys picked the colours, the size of the circles and they insisted on making most of the circles and the colouring. It is very much their own project. 
Making a home-made targetOrganisingChaosBlog - Homemade toys
They have got so much use out of it and they are so proud. They keep bringing their friends over for bow and arrow demonstrations. 
Homemade toys - a bow, arrows and a target
They couldn’t have been happier with these toys. They love them and they feel very special and unique! No amount of money can ever buy that.

What about you? Have you got home-made toys?
Chaotic Itzi