How to organise to herbal teas @ OrganisingChaosBlog My love affair with herbal teas started many, many (many, many) years ago when I was trying to give up coffee in the morning. I used to bring herbal teas to work in the naive hope that I would drink the tea instead of the coffee. Of course that didn’t work – I can’t function without coffee. The herbal teas did however help me cut down on the amount of coffee I take in the afternoon. It took me a long time (I am a bit slow in fairness) to realize that more often than not, all I wanted in the afternoon was a warm beverage, not necessarily coffee but simply something warm. 
I also find herbal teas to be a great way to up my water intake in winter when the mere idea of having a glass of water, even at room temperature, is a difficult task but a tea, a nice hot cup of tea, even if it’s not of the traditional variety (I live in Ireland and they are BIG into their tea!) is always welcome.How to organise to herbal teas - what you need @ OrganisingChaosBlog

How to organise to herbal teas - what you need @ OrganisingChaosBlog

It’s amazing the different kind of teas you can find nowadays. Gone are the days where berry teas were as exotic as they come. Now the variety is amazing : apple and pear; peach & apple; orange & chocolate… one delicious treat after another one… I get greedy. I want them all! But all those small little cute boxes full of delicious flavors take up a lot of space. A lot. And that is just tea! So it was time to unify them!

I had a pretty cookie tin from a previous Christmas lying around and together with some small zip bags, some tape and a marker I managed to simplify the tea chaos into a small pretty tin. How to organise to herbal teas - zip bags are best @ OrganisingChaosBlog
How to organise to herbal teas with a pretty tin @ OrganisingChaosBlogBy keeping the teas into zip bags, you will also be able to maintaining the flavors and smells for longer, and that is what herbal teas are all about: smells and flavors.Organising Herbal Teas - After @ OrganisingChaosBlogI now know what teas I have and which ones are running low. So easy. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before… 

Chaotic Itzi


Happy February lovely people! Wow! January went fast, didn’t it?

January can be a tough month to get through. We tend to have little cash in our pockets, we are exhausted from the Christmas parties and get togethers, the weather is getting colder… Even the children feel it! Chaotic Monkey told me yesterday that he was very tired because we had too many parties in Spain over Christmas. Life is tough when you are 6, for sure!

I have to say that this month was ok for me. It took me a good while to get back into the swing of things. Back into the routine, the organised meals, the timetables… everything. It was the same after the summer holidays. I think I am just so good at being on holidays that my whole self fights going back to reality. So, if you ever hear of a job that requires being on holidays and relaxed, please make sure to let me know… please….

Last month on the blog, I shared my new approach to the tidying conflict in my house. I have to say it is working a treat. The idea of the toys being confiscated or in “time out”, as they call it, for few days is a great incentive to get things going before going to bed without an argument. If I had only known this before… Have you tried it yet?
A new approach to the tidying conflict - OrganisingChaosBlog
I also talked about being a blanket person and how to cheer up a plain blanket with simple pompoms. By the way, I can’t stop making pompoms. I find it so soothing and therapeutic. Also, I am trying to stop biting my nails so it helps having my hands busy on the couch 😉
Make a plain blanket super cute with pompoms - OrganisingChaosBlog
I also shared tips on how to keep the cables tidy around the house, and 3 different uses for paint brushes that should help you make your life easier. Have you tried any of them yet?
Paint brushes are not just from painting - OrganisingChaosBlog
I am delighted with my personalized sign crowning my stair gallery. I love that it means something to us and that it is now part of our home. There will be fights as to who gets it on the will, I just know it… 😉
Make your own personalised sign -
My January plant smells so delicious that I would love to have one in every room. As that is not going to happen, it will have to move with me from room to room until at least Spring has arrived.
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog
And this month as we get closer to my kitchen renovation date (insert happy dance here!) I needed inspiration in the kitchen lighting department, and also some inspiration was needed to decorate the boy’s rooms according to their age and needs. I will be copying some of the ideas for sure.
Kitchen lighting Inspiration @ OrganisingChaosBlog

So goodbye January. It was lovely to have you but glad that you are gone. We are now a month closer to Spring. A month closer to Summer.

I have a gut feeling that February will be kind to us. What do you think?

Chaotic Itzi



Board - 202 - Blue and Red
I am so full of the summer love just thinking of my super extended summer holiday this year that I wanted to share it with you, so this month there will be a GIVEAWAY plus a discount for my Etsy Shop.
So first things first, let’s see it if you can get a Hand-made Fabric Memo Board (30cm x 40 cm) for free.
All you have to do is leave your comment below let me know what you will be using the board for and I will announce the winner on Friday June 26th.
Vintage Notice Board - 70's floral
Board - 703 - Cream
The winner will get to choose their favorite one from the shop and it will be posted straight away just in time to put up all your summer photos, tickets, postcards and memories.
Mini Notice Boards -
If your name is not pulled out of Mr B’s hat, not to worry, I will be running a discount on my Etsy Shop for a whole week! (26th June to 3rd of July) so you will have your opportunity to purchase your own board at a discounted price.

Is that love or what? Have an amazing day!
Chaotic Itzi


You must all know by now that I like boards, any type of notice boards.
Big Vintage Notice Board -
I think they are a wonderful way of getting papers organized, putting things away, displaying photos and keepsakes and getting rid of the dreaded pile of paper at the end of the kitchen counter.

Although some notice boards are lovely and they look even better displaying photos and souvenirs, others can look not so attractive displaying bills, school notices and reminders. I find cork notice boards the ugly duckling of message boards so I have been looking for ways to beautify them (too much time in my hands??? – maybe!)
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
This simple project will make your cork board look a hundred times better, it will add more color, more style and it will be more presentable. All these while up-cycling all those random buttons that you have lying around and all for the price of a small tub of glue and some push pins – are you sold yet? Let’s get cracking!

Now, again, this is one of the very complicated projects that if you loose concentration or you take a call half way through the project you might not be able to continue. I have broken it down in small steps so it is easier to follow. Pay attention:

Step 1 – Get the glue, the push pins and the buttons
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
Step 2 – Put the button upside down, put some glue on it and rest the push pin on top – Let it dry
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
Step 3 – Use your new pretty pins on your cork board
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
If you have managed to follow this complicated procedure, I hope you are smiling and admiring your Friday project.
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
Have an amazing weekend.
Chaotic Itzi


Last week I posted in Instagram a photo of some of the notice boards I had been working on and I had planned to have them all ready and up in the Etsy Shop by the end of that week, but as it tends to happen life got busy, took over and I never got to finish the boards.
Vintage Notice Board -
Some of you asked me by e-mail when I was going to have them ready and I had to give a definite answer this time as I didn’t want to let you down again (sorry…), so I have been pulling a couple of late nights and I have them finished and up in the Etsy Shop.

As well as the standard size boards (30 cm x 40 cm) I have also made a large one (60 cm x 60 cm) which would be lovely in anyone’s hall  if you have too many lovely things to display. It would also make a perfect welcome card in any business’ entrance displaying photos of what they do, their facilities, o simply displaying thank you cards and happy messages from satisfied customers.
Big Vintage Notice Board - Vintage Notice Board -

I also made some small boards ideal for baby rooms to display the baby’s hospital tag, the first photo… all those amazing keepsakes that are too precious to put away straight away.
Mini Notice Boards -
Mini Notice Boards -

You guys have been so good to me since I started this journey that I wanted to give you something in return, so I decided to have a Hand-made Notice Board (30cm x 40cm) monthly giveaway on the blog. You just need to leave a comment below and let me know what you would display on your notice board. You will get to choose your favorite 30cm x 40cm board from the shop and it will be delivered to your front door.
Vintage Notice Board -
Vintage Notice Board -
Vintage Notice Board -

So thank you, thank you for your support! It is deeply appreciated it!

Have an amazing day,
Chaotic Itzi


As I mentioned before, I like the idea of being organised, that is what I aspire to be. An organised home makes for an organised mind, at least for me. I usually feel more energized and willing to do things when the house is tidy than when it is all messy.

You know that moment when you open the plastic containers cupboard and everything starts falling down and instead of dealing with it you close the door quickly and pretend it never happened? No? Really? Neither do I really… Mr B does that, not me… I tend to, I mean Mr B tends to do the same with messy rooms – close the door so not to deal with the problem.

The thing is, how do I have an organised house if I keep closing doors and not dealing with the mess?
These are 10 easy tasks that you can incorporate to your daily routine. They are not big things and they should only take you a couple of minutes to do but by doing them, you will be ale to keep the a certain amount of tidiness around the house that will allow you to feel better about yourself, about your house and inspire you to do something else or even to sit down with a cup a coffee.

OCB - 10 Easy Tasks to get organised and make you feel better

It is amazing how much a made bed invites you to hang out and relax in your own bedroom. Furthermore, research shows that people sleep better on a made bed! So a couple a minutes in the morning can help you sleep better, feel more relaxed and possible more romantically inclined? what is not to like?

Those breadcrumbs and tomato sauce splotches are not going to disappear by magic. Wiping surfaces straight after using them will prevent dirt and mess build up that will be harder to deal with (or even ignore) later on.

I put everything (but sharp knives) in this lovely machine I like to call my friend. Pots, pans, plates, glasses… everything goes in after I am finished with them. Dishwashers use less water than hand-washing, so you are better off running the dishwasher twice a day than letting your sink fill up with plates. Get the kids involved and encourage them to put their own plates and glasses into the dishwasher after dinner – it creates good habits and it will help you.

So the first thing you see when you come down for your much-needed cup of coffee is a nice and tidy kitchen. If you go down in the morning to a messy and dirty kitchen you are more likely to want to go back to bed and stay there. It is proven that you will start your day with a clearer head if the first thing you see is tidy. Now, the idea is not to spend 30 minutes cleaning the floors before going to bed, but just put the remainder dishes in the dishwasher and run it, put away all the chopping boards and wipe the surfaces. It is quick and effective.

These products are brilliant and it will help you prevent pink mold and mildew, reduce soap scum and will make weekly bathroom cleaning routine that much faster.

A quick wipe here and there will help you keep the bathroom cleaner for longer, especially if you have children.

Notice boards, pin boards, baskets, magazine racks… whatever suits you, you like or fits your house. It is here where you put all those important letters to deal with, school forms, calendars, photos, invitations… everything! It will not only end those awful piles of random paper at the end of your counter, but it will also stop the running around like a headless chicken, which, let’s face, is not attractive.

Notice boards @

This is where the school bags go, where the soccer and basketball and rugby balls live, where the bicycle helmets are when not in use, where the shopping bags reside… this is where all those little things that don’t have a home go and stay. No more tripping over school bags or random balls around the house… unless of course you are playing indoor soccer.

Jars and tins are great for storing pens and pencils, batteries to be recycled, all those important bits and pieces that children give you that you have no idea what to do with them (mainly stones and sticks in my case)… Group things, put them in a container and it will instantly be organised.

10 – TAG, TAG, TAG
If you are like me and forget what is where, tags are your friends. Use some washi tape on plastic containers to write their content before putting them in the fridge, tag bags before storing them to remember what is in them, hang tags from baskets to help you keep ingredients separated and organised. This, again, should reduce the running around like a headless chicken to a minimum.

As promised, none of these tasks are complicated or take long. It is all about making them part of your routine and you should be set up for a more organised home.

Let me know how you get on.
Chaotic Itzi

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