Don’t you hate when you open a package of feta, use a little bit, put the rest on a container and next time you take it out is to put it in the bin because it has gone off? It used to happen a bit too often in my house to the point when I stopped buying feta cheese. But feta cheese is amazing in so many things that we  missed it terribly so I had to come up with a different solution.

A jar of delicious marinated feta - OrganisingChaosBlog

Marinating the feta will not only make the cheese last longer, but it will also infuse with amazing flavors that will in time improve your salads, frittatas… anything where the cheese goes.

No more waste – just delicious food


200 grs feta cheese
2 garlic cloves
1 bay leave
1 teaspoon peppercorns
1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds
olive oil

Ingredients to marinate feta cheese - OrganisingChaosBlog


Carefully cut the cheese into cubes.
Put feta in a jar with a top and add the rest of the ingredients to the jar.
Pour enough olive oil to cover cubes of cheese.
Let marinate in refrigerator for 2 weeks for an amazing taste but if you can’t wait, overnight will do.

Olive oil and feta cheese - yum, yum. - OrganisingChaosBlog

You could also use sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary, thyme or capers for the marinade. Chop and change. It will never be boring.

Serve it topping your favorite salads or simply on fresh bread. Simple and delicious, what real food should be.

Marinated feta cheese with bay leave - OrganisingChaosBlog

Have you got a favorite recipe for your feta?
Don’t be shy. Share!

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Oven-dried tomatoes salad
Before I left Ireland, I was trying to make sure that there was enough food for Mr B, who won’t be joining us until the beginning of August. I left the freezer full and I made sure that he had enough fresh fruit and vegetables to last him for few days (I know, I am adorable….)
Oven-dried cherry tomatoes
While trying to clear out the kitchen of food that would not be used in the following week, I realized that there were 3 punnets of cherry tomatoes, my favorite food. Although Mr B likes tomatoes, I knew there was no way he would eat them all before they went off so I decided to oven-dry them in order to make them last.
Oven-dried cherry tomatoes - so sweet!
Oven-dried tomatoes are very easy to make, a great solution to make those extra tomatoes last and sooooooo sweet…. Just delicious!
Easy oven-dried tomatoes
Place the cherry tomatoes in an oven tray, season them with salt and pepper and spray them with some olive oil and place them in a pre-heated oven at 120 degrees Celsius (250 Fahrenheit).
Leave them in the oven for 2 and half hours shaking them a little bit half way though.
Easy oven-dried tomatoes - delish!
You can use these tomatoes straight away for salads or sandwiches or you could just store them in a jar with olive oil and eat them as you please. that is if you can wait…
Delicious salad with oven-dried cherry tomatoes
There is no need to throw anything out. Join me in the #NofoodWaste Challenge
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I am no good with volume when cooking pasta or rice. I am getting better though. I have been cooking large amounts of rice for so long and freezing the rest that I have actually come up with a couple of recipes for this left over rice.
Fried Rice for #NoFoodWaste Challenge - OrganisingChaosBlog
Frozen rice is ideal for making any kind of fried rice dish as the lack of moist allows us to throw it straight into the wok and it won’t stick to the pan.

As part of my NoFoodWaste challenge, every week before I go shopping, I check my fridge and freezer to see what there is left and what meals I can make with what I have. I am actually enjoying this process as it forces me to get out of my normal thinking, of my go-to recipes and be creative. This recipe was born out of wanting to finish everything in the fridge and trying to make it work and taste nice.

2 mugfuls of cooked basmati rice
1 chicken breast
100 gr of prawns
2 eggs
2 cloves of garlic
1 thumb piece of ginger
1 chilli
2 cups of mixed vegetables such of onions, peppers, broccoli, carrots, cabbage… whatever you have around will be perfect
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp dark sesame oil
juice of 1 lime
Recipe for Delicious Fried Rice - OrganisingChaosBlog
1. Heat a wok or large frying pan till very hot. Add a little oil to the pan and fry the chicken until cooked.
2. Once the chicken has been cooked, pour the beaten egg into the pan and scramble. Set the egg and the chicken aside.
3. Add a little bit more oil to the pan and add the grated garlic, ginger and chilli on a low heat (I usually keep some chillies in the freezer to have handy and once frozen they super easy to grate). Allow them to cook for few minutes without burning and then turn up the heat and add all the vegetables together with the prawns.
4. Once the prawns have become pink, add the rice and mix through until it gets warm.
5. Add the chicken, the egg, the soy sauce and the oil to the pan and mix well.
6. Serve in a bowl and squeeze some lemon juice on it. Enjoy it!!!
Delicious Fried Rice no Food Waste Recipe - OrganisingChaosBlog
You can add anything you want to this recipe and it would work its wonders. I feel a great sense of achievement to be able to make use of all the food I have bought and not having to throw anything out. It is great for my pocket, for my health and for the environment. Love it.
Fried Rice Recipe - OrganisingChaosBlog
Are you willing to give it a go?
Chaotic Itzi


A few months ago, I decided to try to implement a No Food Waste policy in our house. We have always been very conscientious about no wasting food but unfortunately there is always something that makes it to the bin. Plus my freezer is always so full that makes it hard to keep control of what I have in there.

This challenge is very easy to implement into anyone’s life. You only need to take 10 minutes out every week to plan ahead and make two lists:
Make a menu for NoFoodWaste Project - OrganisingChaosBlog
First make your WEEKLY MENU. We have our Breakfast Menu set up already, so that is easy. You need to decide what you are having for lunch and dinner that week. Check what you already have in your larder, fridge and freezer to make sure that those things get eaten first. I usually sit down with the boys to plan our weekly menu and they take turns making suggestions.  It is important to get children involved in food conversations, to talk about healthy options and treats, and balanced meals. I find that they also eat better if they feel that they are part of the planning stages, We write our menu in our kitchen blackboard so we all know what the next meal is and we can get organised in advance.
NoFoodWaste Project - OrganisingChaosBlog
Once you have decided on your menu, make the SHOPPING LIST based on what is on the list and only on the list. I know it seems very obvious but it will make you cut down on food waste and on your bill. For example, I used to buy loads of vegetables and fruit on a weekly bases without thinking how much we would realistically eat. The amount of salad leafs, raspberries and strawberries that have ended up in the bin due to lack of planning have broken my heart (and nearly my pocket). Now I only buy what we know we are going to eat that week and it works a treat.

It is very satisfying to see your fridge emptying slowly knowing that everything gets eaten fresh and that nothing will end up in the bin.
It is good for you, for the environment and your pocket.

Have you got a system that works? Share it with us!
Chaotic Itzi