Our kitchen is getting a face-lift soon. I am so excited!

When we moved to our house, our kitchen was pine. Pretty much everything was pine in the house, so no surprise there, but the pine in the kitchen made the space look very dark and oppressive so Mr B and I painted it white which helped us survive in it for the last 4 years.

The problem with the kitchen was not only the color, but the space did not work. At all. You have heart about the concept of the “kitchen triangle”? Well, the people who designed my kitchen had never heard of it. Or the kitchen square. I think for the it was more like a game of tetris – this fits here, it goes there then. Seriously, really bad.

But not worry, the end is in sight and we are going to have a kitchen that works, a simple, bright and practical kitchen. And a big fridge. I can’t tell you how excited I am about hsving a big fridge. We currently have an under counter fridge that freezes everything at the back, has no light and I hate… (breaths heavily into a paper bag…).

Everything has been planned, from tiles to units. The only thing left to choose is the lighting… So many options….

On one hand, I love the INDUSTRIAL VIBE… 


Although there is something pretty warm about VINTAGE LIGHTING.

vintage 1vintage 3vintage 2

vintage 4vintage 5

But sometimes I think I should go totally with MODERN LIGHTING, because I am a modern kind of girl, you know…

modern 3

modern 5

modern 4

modern 7
modern 2

Or I could also go with all NATURAL MATERIALS for  warmth.

wicker 1wicker 5wicker 2

wicker 3

wicker 4

So many options, so many beautiful lights…

I will let you know what lighting we choose when it is all done. I am excited. I am so excited to the idea of having a functioning kitchen. And a new one at that. Yay and double yay!!!

Chaotic Itzi

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Autumn is being amazing this year – sunny, dry, relatively warm (we are in Ireland, warm is a relative term even in the summer!). The kids have been able to play outside every day after school until bed time – climbing trees, cycling, running around… good old fresh air. You can’t beat that.

Unfortunately, slowly but shortly darkness is crawling in. Very soon we will be getting up in darkness and we will be having dinner in darkness. Did I mention I don’t like darkness? I just don’t. I like sun and brightness. But winter is coming and there is no way to stop it so I better deal with it.

Lighting is especially important in winter. Spaces need to feel warm and cosy but bright at the same time and fairy lights are a lovely and subtle way to achieve that at a very low cost and with high impact. Fairy lights are super popular these days. You can find them in different colors, shapes and lengths – the options are endless, and they are all so pretty!

Fairy lights in the sitting room are a great way to add extra light to the room in the afternoon as the dark creeps in.
Weekly Inspiration: Lighting

Fairy lights in the bedroom will make it not only cosier but also more romantic.
Weekly Inspiration : Fairy Lights

Lights in the hall will help keep this busy area illuminated without having to turn on and off the lights constantly.
Weekly Inspiration : Fairy Lights

These cloud lights are super cute and they would be amazing in any kid’s room.
Weekly Inspiration: Lighting

If you are looking for a super original, astonishing and intimate lighting for your dinning room, this fairy light’s circle could work for you. It definitely works for me anyway!
Weekly Inspiration : Fairy Lights

Do you use fairy lights? Which ones are your favorites?
Have an amazing weekend.

Chaotic Itzi