Have you ever noticed that in order to organise a room, a huge amount of chaos needs to be created?

Chaos is an inevitable part of organising. Drawers need to be turned inside out, wardrobes need to be emptied, furniture needs to be moved, bags need to be filled…

It is always exciting at the beginning. I am full of energy, full of ideas, full of intention… oh… the naivety of it all…
I am one of those people who don’t over-think it. I jump right in. I get on with it.

After a couple of hours I realise how much work there is to do – that’s what happens when you don’t over-think things… ignorance is bliss they say…  By the time I come to terms with all I have to do, it’s too late to back down – there is already one more room compromised, I am covered in paint and one of my children doesn’t have a bed to sleep on that night.

There is stuff in every available surface, spare beds become dumping grounds, spare-rooms become waiting lists for furniture and decorations to be re-allocated….  Chaos, chaos and more chaos… awaiting to be organised…

My latest project : re-decorate Chaotic Monkey’s bedroom.
Status : getting there

New project : Chaotic Monkey's Room

It has taken a little bit longer than planned due to tummy bugs, general tiredness (and a bit of laziness) and kids’ social events but my young monkey is once again sleeping in his bedroom and he is very happy with his new bed.

I am hoping to finish the room next weekend.

And then I will need to organise the spare room where I have been dumping all the bits and pieces. I am just hoping that I don’t decide to organise the spare room properly as that would involve disorganizing a different room in the process and I don’t think I have it in me to do that much organising in one month.

A girl needs to pace herself…

Chaotic Itzi



Remember when back in December I had enough of my kid’s bickering and fighting when going to bed and I decided to re-arrange my entire upstairs armed with coffee and an alan key?

Well, since then, things have improved in that front. Don’t get me wrong – there is still plenty of fighting and bickering during the day but I guess that is part of having siblings and I can ignore it to an extend. But now, at night, they each go to their room. They read for a little bit. They turn off their lights. And they go to sleep. No chats. No fights. No “MUM!!! HE SAID (insert random comment!)”. No more of that. Only silence. Bliss.
Big Monkey's wall - Organising Chaos Blog
When I moved the furniture around, my mainly focus was getting the wardrobes organised ASAP. Moving Big Monkey’s clothes to his room, and Chaotic Monkey’s to his together with their toys,  shoes, summer clothes, winter coats, rain gear and all the million little “things” that they needed to survive. By the time I finished tidying all the bedrooms, it was Christmas and I was too exhausted and too bored with those rooms to think about decorating them, so I didn’t do anything for ages. Until now.

After only 5 months of sitting on my hands, I decided to buy some frames and start decorating at least one of his walls (only one though…. let’s not get too carried away here people…).  I wanted to decorate Big Monkey’s walls in monochrome, with some grey thrown in to it and some bright fun colors scattered around the room. This room used to be the spare room and it already had a little bunting and some paper flowers that I made. I thought about removing it but in the end I kept it to have a bit of color on the wall.

So I framed a print that we made together as a family and an amazing drawing that he had made a couple of years and had afterwards aged the paper to make it look old.
Big Monkey's wall Family print - Organising Chaos Blog
Big Monkey's wall - his own art - Organising Chaos Blog

It was ready for him the other when he came back from school and he loved it! I was deeply touched that an 8-year-old was so
appreciative of a collage wall in his room! There is a lot of him on the wall. Memories. It’s personal. It suits his personality. Serious but fun.
Big Monkey's wall -his room- Organising Chaos Blog
Big Monkey's wall - displaying his own art- Organising Chaos Blog
I was so delighted with his reaction I might actually finish his room before he leaves for college!
Big Monkey's wall - Organising Chaos Blog
Next up! One wall for Chaotic Monkey!
How long will it take me???

Chaotic Itzi