Hello lovely people. I hope this week was kind to you.

I feel super lucky to be having such a long holiday with my kids this year. Between West Cork last week and Spain next week, things are good. I would even go as far as saying that things are amazing and I am making the most of it!

With all this talk of holidays, I keep thinking where else I would like to go on holidays. The world is such an amazing place, there are so many amazing places to go and visit that it is hard to choose…

I am a big Agatha Christie fan and I would love to have a cruise on the Nile – Death in the Nile style
Egypt - River Nile
Greece is a European dream destination, great food, great people, great weather, great destination… and it is a fun way to support the Greece economy.
For some reason I have always wanted to go to Mongolia. Don’t ask me why. Just do.
Mr B was in Kenya when he was a child and he has the fondest memories. He has promised me to take me there.
And if one day I win the lotto, I would love to go Guadeloupe. It looks like paradise.
What is your dream destination?

Have an amazing weekend.
Chaotic Itzi


West Cork
We are just back from one of the most beautiful corners of Ireland, and probably of the world. West Cork is an amazing destination and as most amazing destinations in this world, it is not easy to get to.
West Cork
West Cork
We rented a house with some friends in the Beara Peninsula, outside a village called Allihies. When you look at the map, distances don’t look too big, but the roads, oh boy, those roads are not for the light-hearted. Don’t get me wrong, I would not like to see a motorway going through that beautiful scenery and ruining the views, but you need to take it easy, enjoy the drive and take it all in.
Map of Beara Peninsula
West CorkWest Cork
Our friends have also 2 boys so there was a lot of wrestling, climbing, investigating and running.
West Cork
West Cork
We went to the beach most days, whether the sun was out or it was raining – as the boys said “we are going to get wet anyway”. I do not do cold water so my feet stayed firmly on the sand but the boys had an amazing time jumping in the water.
West Cork West Cork
The week was exhausting but brilliant. I love spending quality time with my boys. They are at a very fun age and they love to hang out, read stories, singing songs in the car, having cuddles in the morning… I am enjoying every single second of this time with them.
Kenmare bayKenmare bay
I am aware that I might not have another free summer with the kids, that this might be the last one I get to spend the entire summer holidays with them and I am determined to make the most of it.
West Cork
I now have the rest of the week to get organised to go to Spain on Sunday for a longer (and hopefully slightly warmer) holiday.
What are your summer plans?

Chaotic Itzi


Hey guys, I am so excited!!! I am really really excited! (insert ridiculous happy dance here)
Last week I got a nomination for the lovely Rebecca Wadlington from How Do I Grown Up blog for the Creative Blogger Awards.

The Creative Blogger Award

I am very humbled by this amazing nomination, mainly for two reasons: one because I have not been blogging for that long, and more importantly, because Rebecca is a brilliant and funny blogger that I really admire. She has a great inside into people  and her own language that sounds very similar to that of my Chaotic Monkey – I’d say they would understand each other pretty well.

I never win anything. Really, nothing. So to get this nomination feels very special. Very damn special! I feel like my efforts and my time are going somewhere… I am getting slightly emotional.. I’ll stop now…

When you get nominated for this award, instead of getting all dressed up and going to a party (which, by the way, I am totally having) there are different rules, which are:

1 – You thank and post a link to the blog that nominated you : How Do I Grown Up, check it out, you’ll love it!
2 – Share 5 facts about yourself to readers
3 – Nominate 10 blogs and link to them
4 – Notify nominees via social media/blog
5 – Pass along the rules
6 – Carry on being kind to one another

So here we go: 5 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF

My full name is Itziar
Although noone has ever called me that, well, except my mother when she was very cross with me. It is a Basque name and I love it. I can spell  it in my sleep as I have been spelling it for the last 15 years I have been living in Ireland. I am originally from  a small village outside Bilbao, in the north of Spain where I lived until  I met the love of my live, a lovely Irish long-haired boy and after many adventures we ended up settling up in Limerick, Ireland
Guggenheim Bilbao
I love second-hand shops
I love hunting for bargains. Anything vintage, old and pre-loved is always welcome in my house. I particularly love vintage pillow cases. They make the bed so much more comfortable and prettier.

I am quite shy
Whenever I say this to someone they always laugh. I find it hard to meet new people, to start conversations, the first steps. Once I’m in though, you can never get rid of me. Or keep me quiet. So they say, anyway…

I love travelling
Before we had kids, Mr B and I took 14 months out and went travelling around the world. I loved it. I loved Peru and Bolivia, I would move into Argentina in the morning and retire to South East Asia any day. I am already planning our next trip when the boys are in college – the Transiberian from Russia to China. Only another 10 years to go…

Agatha Christie and Star Wars are my Sunday comforts
I love all the “Who done it” but Miss Marple and Hercules Poirot are my favorites together with Sherlock. They are my Sunday afternoon lazing on the couch with my blanket guilty pleasure, on the rare occasions where I get to do it. As for Star Wars, I mean, what is not to love? I. Can’t. Wait. Till Christmas
Star Wars 7


Make sure to check them out, you will surely adore them as much as I do.

What are your favorite blogs? Go on, share!
Chaotic Itzi
Organising Chaos


We always know that home-made presents are much better. They tend to be more realistic and kids love making them or helping making them. My kids get very proud in having a once off toy, something made exclusively for them. They love it.

Over the Easter break, we had the pleasure to spend some time in Connemara, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and probably the world. It is quite wild, the sun was shinning  and we were meeting loads of lovely family, it was very special. 
Connemara - West of Ireland
Mr B made bows and arrows for all 9 kids. They were a great hit as you can imagine. 
The West of Ireland
The bows and arrows were brought home but as we didn’t have a forest or big trees to shoot into. We needed a target.

We bought a square canvas and starter making circles of different sizes and colouring them. The boys picked the colours, the size of the circles and they insisted on making most of the circles and the colouring. It is very much their own project. 
Making a home-made targetOrganisingChaosBlog - Homemade toys
They have got so much use out of it and they are so proud. They keep bringing their friends over for bow and arrow demonstrations. 
Homemade toys - a bow, arrows and a target
They couldn’t have been happier with these toys. They love them and they feel very special and unique! No amount of money can ever buy that.

What about you? Have you got home-made toys?
Chaotic Itzi


Happy St Patrick’s Day lovely people!
OrganisingChaosBlog - St Patrick's Day
We are having a lovely day. Some morning lazing, some face painting, some parade watching, some picnic having, some playing, some ice-cream licking and back home to have dinner with more family.
OCB - St Patrick's Day
Sun is shining, we are having coffee with Bailey’s and some wine on a Tuesday. We might be sorry tomorrow but today, we’ll enjoy it.
I hope you are having an amazing day.
Chaotic Itzi