Yes, you are not dreaming. This is happening. I am finally organised to bring back our Weekly Inspiration.

With the difference in temperature between summer in Spain and September in Ireland, we have had to wear our thicker cardigans, give up completely our sandals and embrace jackets. It’s ok – we are ready for Autumn (or so I keep telling myself…).

The fashion trend for this autumn seems to be all aboutnatural colors, 70’s vibes and comfort, pretty much down my alley. I am loving it!

This style is perfect for any day of the week, casual and yet dressy. And those gloves…. oh my!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

I have always been a fan of military style coats and I particularly like the length of this one and the fury collar is just exceptional!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

For the days where you just want to be comfortable, this style is just adorable. Comfortable yet stylish!
9Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

I am totally in love with these suede boots from Asos – they are so retro and cool that I can totally imagine my mum wearing them when back when.
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn style

Ponchos are massive this autumn. There are so many styles, designs and colors to chose from… but you must have one!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

What is your favorite Autumn trend this year?

Have an amazing weekend.
Chaotic Itzi


March weather, at least in Ireland, is a lottery. Last weekend we were in t-shirts having picnics in the park and yesterday we were back to hailstones.

Easter is upon us and kids are getting the holidays tomorrow and I have to be totally honest – I find the idea of  having kids indoor for long(ish) periods of time during the holiday period a bit daunting and/or potentially very destructive (mainly to the house), so I am already looking at things to do for those 2 weeks.

We will be taking day trips regardless of the weather (wellies and wet gear already packed), doing some cooking, going to the playground… but I wanted to include something creative. Both my kids love making crafts and painting and we are always looking for inspiration to try something new. Well, I have found my inspiration – the talented MollyMooCrafts has crafts for everything! I mean, her blog is just amazing and insanely inspiring.

From Easter crafts
OCB - Felt-Pad-BUnnies

To year-round ones
OCB - how-to-make-a-dream-catcher-feature

My kids adore her blog and they are already excited picking which ones we are going to do this Easter.

She also has an amazing craft ebook in store: Happy Handmade, check it out!

I am now off to buy my supplies.

Happy crafting!
Chaotic Itzi


When Mr B and I bought our current home nearly 6 years ago, our house had previously belonged to another family and although the style was very neutral, we wanted to put our own style stamp into the house. When we moved in, I was 7 months pregnant with our second child so we only had time to unpack what we needed before Chaotic Monkey was born.

Since then, we have been trying to update our house to reflect our personalities. After living in the house for few years, we have a very clear idea of how we use our spaces, where things are more comfortable, what is needed and what can go, and we have been doing just that for the last few years.

Updating your home and making it more personal is a long process. Mr B and I were both working full time then, we have two young boys who we wanted to spend quality time with and we don’t want to spend our weekends working on the house, but we still wanted to make changes (there is only so long you can look at magnolia walls for!) so you start small.  Updates don’t have to be  time consuming, big or expensive to make a big difference in your home.

These 10 ideas will help you update your house on a budget:

# 1 – Spray Paint the door knobs.
Replacing door knobs or painting doors can prove very costly but you can easily update the look of your doors by spray painting your door knobs.
Update your house on a budget - Spray Painting Door knobs

# 2 – Paint your furniture.
When we first moved into our home, the whole house was a homage to pine. Kitchen units, kitchen table and chairs, wardrobes and most other surfaces that you can think were pine. I painted my kitchen table and chairs and it has made a massive difference to the space in terms of light and style. It feels more airy, bigger and brighter. It is amazing what a lick of paint can do.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Loving the new colours

# 3 – Paint the tiles.
Whether you inherited some ugly kitchen tiles or your bathroom tiles are too “vintage”, you can completly transform them with some tile paint available in most DIY stores.
Decorating on a budget - Painting Tiles - OrganisingChaosBlog

# 4 – Decorate with plants.
Plants give any space instant warmth and personality and, if you don’t have green fingers, you can replace them very cheaply.
Making a macrame planter - Organising Chaos Blog

# 5 – Use stencils to give your walls some personality.
Stencils are easily used on my surfaces so a small once off payment will go a long way.
Update your house on a budget - Stencils

# 6 – Update your cushions 
Keep an eye for special offers in cushions and change them regularly or update them with with some felt or buttons.
DIY silhouette cushions - OrganisingChaosBlog

# 7 – Add some pompoms to your lamps.
A simple pompom braid, some ribbon or washi tape can give a lamp an instant update to any corner of the house for only few euros
Update your house on a budget - Pompom garland and washi tape

# 8 – Make your own wall collage with your own personal items.
The beautiful thing about wall collages, is that you can include anything and everything. From brand new decorations to second hand finds, from tissue flowers to family treasures. It is a lovely way of displaying your possessions and dressing your walls.
Updating your house on a budget - Wall Collage

# 9 – Update your lights.
Lights and lampshades make a huge difference in a space feels. By investing a little in nice fixtures, your spaces will feel far more homely and more personal.
Updating your home on a budget - Good vs Evil

# 10 – Make your own headboard.
I know this might sound daunting, but iut is far easier that you would think. It can be done at a very low cost and it can be updated easily. What is not to love?
Update your house on a budget - make your own headboard

Happy updating!
Chaotic Itzi


I keep noticing that there is a growing trend to “hack” anything and everything. I am not talking about the “breaking into the CIA computer program” kind of hack. No, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I am talking about transforming something inexpensive and plain into an amazing cheaper version of what you wanted. There are some amazing websites out there that give you some great ideas. My favorite one is Ikea Hackers (get some coffee before you open it as you will spend hours in there!)
OrganisingChaosBlog - Ikeahack
I guess that the idea of hacking has always been around. Up-cycling could be considered hacking, as you are re-purposing an item that was already used for something different. Older generations were masters of up-cycling and hacking. There is nothing like going to my parent’s and grandparents house to see furniture, decorations and general stuff being used in different ways.

I find it extremely interesting that nowadays we would purposely go out and search the second-hand shops to find vintage items to decorate our house and we would go out to buy paint to up-cycle an old piece of furniture, when before it was just the done thing. The only thing has changed is the reasons behind doing this. My parents and grandparents grew up in a time where throwing things out was a luxury. Furniture was better quality, it got passed on from generations to generations. If it got broken, you’d fix it, and you keep using it. Now we want a bit of character, something with personality, something not to middle-of-the-road.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Upcycled Ladder
Attitudes and consumer habits have changed a lot regarding furniture in the last 40 years. Prices and quality have gone down and when something gets broken we simply replace it. Even if we try to fix it first, we often find that it is more expensive to fix it than to replace it as some of the traditional trades are disappearing. When was last time you thought of re-upholstering your couch or armchair rather than replacing it? I know I haven’t.

There are so many shops offering good value for new furniture. Not only that, but we have totally embraced flat-pack into our lives. I love going to Ikea and getting pretty good-value products that I don’t necessarily need – but they are so pretty… and let’s face it, it is easy. It is easy to drive to the one shop, buy everything from serviette to bed linen, at a good price than driving around looking for good quality old products that need some love and time. I often have that debate with myself but I still pop into Ikea at every opportunity I can (and it is over 2 hours away!).

I guess I am trying to find balance. Balance between the old and the new, the easy and the complicated, the clean lines and the broken edges. Balance in general, and it is not an easy task.

Have a wonderful day!
Chaotic Itzi


It’s Saturday!!! and it is starting to… (should I say it? maybe not… I will say it…) feel like Spring!
I am feeling positive and I think that reflects my choice of weekly inspiration. What do you think?

Make your own terrarium
This image really inspire me to create my own terrarium at home.

paint that looks like wallpaper-2
I am totally obsessed with this  paint roller! It is just adorable! It’s in my wish list (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Vintage Caravan
This lovely vintage caravan makes me dream of summer.

Looking forward to seeing this film.

I want to make this no-sew-teepee for the kids, for the garden – they would totally love it!

Have a great weekend lovely people.

Chaotic Itzi


What was your week? After spraining my wrist last weekend, I have been a tiny bit under the weather so I am planning a chilled weekend with loads of cuddles and comfort food.

I am thinking of getting myself a Fiddle Leaf Fig as my March plant. I still have to work out the logistics but it is so pretty….
Weekly inspiration

I think these infused waters will help me shake off the winter blues and make me feel than the spring is nearly here.
Weekly inspiration - infused water

I am totally in love with these toadstool mushroom table and chairs. They are just so adorable and they would look amazing anywhere. I so want them! I wonder if they do they in adult size.
Weekly inspiration - toadstool chair

I am really looking forward to dress nicely without having to cover it all with a big long coat and a scarf!
Weekly inspiration - style

We recently painted our built-in wardrobes in our room grey and I love them. I think it is my new favorite color. Grey with yellow, coral, duck egg… anything!
Weekly inspiration - grey color

Whatever you do guys, have a wonderful weekend!
Chaotic Itzi


Hi lovely people! I hope you have had a good week and that you have lovely plans for this weekend.  I am so happy that January is nearly over and we are a month closer to Spring. Yay!!

Looking around the web this week I have found this amazing twist on your traditional french toast. I will be trying it next Friday (as per our Breakfast Menu). By The Girl Who Ate Everything
Frech toast with a twist
This tip to fill wall holes is one to keep, I know I’ll use it often. By Budget Savy Diva
Tips to fill nail holes
This is totally what my craft room looks like. Really. Totally. (I wish…) By The Budget Decorator
Craft room
I have been looking for a mirror for the boy’s room and I think I have just found it. I love the color! By Cheese Crafty
Dinosaur mirror
I am equally attracted and scared of this succulent.Crazy plants
Have a brilliant weekend!
Chaotic Itzi


This week has been so cold. I don’t know why but I wasn’t expecting it. I think that once Christmas was over, I expected Spring to kick in straight away, because January in Ireland is always warm… I know, I know… I am just not in the mood to face reality, at least not weather wise.

What I do know is that Valentine’s Day is only around the corner and this fun printables are such a cute idea to celebrate the day with the whole family. By The Handmade Home14super_fun_printables

The brilliant MollyMoo Crafts has just released the Happy Handmade Book full of projects to make with children during the mid-term break coming up soon. HAPPY_HANDMADE_cover

These salads in a jar are brilliant and they are just perfect for my “Bring on the Spring” project I have going on in my head. By A Beautiful Mess
Salads in a jar

I am obsessing about these super cute teacups and saucers lights. They would look amazing in my kitchen. I want them. I need them.
Teacup and saucers lights

I love, love, love these tiles. They would look ideal in the Mediterranean summer house that I have… in my head… Just so pretty.
Amazing bathroom tiles

Have an inspired weekend.
Chaotic Itzi