Yesterday was the last day of the school holidays.
I can’t complain. We have had an amazing time. We have been in Spain for most of the summer and before that in beautiful West Cork with friends. But it has gone too fast. Way too fast.
The boys are ready to go back to school, they are even looking forward to it. They can’t wait to catch up with all their friends and tell them all about the summer. I think they are even looking forward to some routine.
Last Day of Holidays - lunch & cinema
I am also looking forward to school starting. I am really going to miss the boys deeply but it is going to be good to have some time for projects, for crafting, for meditation, for the blog, for me.
Last Day of Holidays
To mark the last day of the holidays, we decided to have a lunch and cinema date. It was lovely.
Last Day of Holidays - lunch & cinema
They picked their favorite coffee shop for lunch and we took a sit by the window.
While Big Monkey was in playful mood for the photos, Chaotic Monkey kept posing. They really got into it. I like that they are taking an interest in photography. These silly moments and random dates are about making memories but also about capturing them, no matter how silly or normal they are.
Last Day of holidays Last Day of holidays 3
We then went on to the cinema to see AntMan. The boys and I really enjoyed it (although it may not look like that in the photo). It’s Marvel and it’s Paul Rudd, all good.
Last Day of holidays - cinema date
After dinner, we made sure the uniforms fitted. They went to bed at a reasonable time. School lunches are ready. School bag is ready. Everything is ready to go back to normality. Bittersweet.

What about you? Are you ready for routine?
Chaotic Itzi
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West Cork
We are just back from one of the most beautiful corners of Ireland, and probably of the world. West Cork is an amazing destination and as most amazing destinations in this world, it is not easy to get to.
West Cork
West Cork
We rented a house with some friends in the Beara Peninsula, outside a village called Allihies. When you look at the map, distances don’t look too big, but the roads, oh boy, those roads are not for the light-hearted. Don’t get me wrong, I would not like to see a motorway going through that beautiful scenery and ruining the views, but you need to take it easy, enjoy the drive and take it all in.
Map of Beara Peninsula
West CorkWest Cork
Our friends have also 2 boys so there was a lot of wrestling, climbing, investigating and running.
West Cork
West Cork
We went to the beach most days, whether the sun was out or it was raining – as the boys said “we are going to get wet anyway”. I do not do cold water so my feet stayed firmly on the sand but the boys had an amazing time jumping in the water.
West Cork West Cork
The week was exhausting but brilliant. I love spending quality time with my boys. They are at a very fun age and they love to hang out, read stories, singing songs in the car, having cuddles in the morning… I am enjoying every single second of this time with them.
Kenmare bayKenmare bay
I am aware that I might not have another free summer with the kids, that this might be the last one I get to spend the entire summer holidays with them and I am determined to make the most of it.
West Cork
I now have the rest of the week to get organised to go to Spain on Sunday for a longer (and hopefully slightly warmer) holiday.
What are your summer plans?

Chaotic Itzi


The last week of school has finally arrived! These last weeks have felt so long but they are finally here.
This morning I made my last school lunch for this academic year. It is a ridiculous (and a bit tragic) how great it made me feel. We are so ready for the holidays, a far less regimented life.

As soon as the boys finish school tomorrow at noon, we are driving down to West Cork, one of the most beautiful parts of the country. We have rented a house with some friends in the Bere Peninsula. We were there for the weekend and it is truly breathtaking, I can’t wait to go back!
West CorkWest Cork

As it tends to happen in this remote areas, internet coverage is not all that regular, which is a great excuse to turn off all electrical devises and really kick back and relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

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Have an amazing week and happy shopping!
Chaotic Itzi


Hello lovely people. how are you all keeping? Yes, I am alive and well (despite popular belief!).
Last week was very busy during the day and I was too exhausted at night to write anything. I think my body was fighting a bug or something as I have been very lethargic all weekend, falling sleep in every corner, which is not really like me. But I am back. I feel restored and energetic this morning.

Last week I started painting my outdoor furniture and I am hoping to finish it this week to be able to show you. It is looking really fresh and I am delighted with it. I also bought some material to make some outdoor cushions which I would love to get done this week but I don’t know if it is a realistic expectation as I am going to Spain mid July this year and I am trying to get organised before the boys get their summer holidays next Tuesday.
Skimming stones in Plentzia
You see, the original flights were booked for the 2nd of August and the four of us we were heading to Plentzia (outside Bilbao – Spain) for the whole month. A month’s holidays is a luxury, I know, but It gets better. This summer is exceptional in that I am not working for “a man” but more for myself and as Mr B had to go to Dublin for a week of rehearsals in July, I decided to change my flights and go home with the boys mid July until the end of August (7 weeks!!!) This is probably the longest holiday I have had since college ( a long while ago…) and it might not repeat itself so I decided to make the most out of it.
At the beach
The boys love been in Plentzia. It is a small village by the sea, with the playground, the river (for crab catching or fishing) and the beach all under a 10 minute walk, surrounded by a family that adores them, daily ice-creams and Spanish food – what is not to love! It will also be great for their Spanish to spend 7 weeks in Spain but I bet they haven’t thought about it! i can’t wait to go, to spend quality time with family and friends, to see my adorable nieces (and hopefully steal them for a couple of days), to hopefully get some sunshine and vitamin D, to just be.
At the fairground with my nieces
So I have 7 working days to get the books, uniforms and back packs ready for September; to organize their summer clothes, see what I need to buy, put away their winter clothes that are in good condition and recycle the rest and finish off little projects. Wish me luck!

Ths simple life

What are your summer plans? Are you organized?
Chaotic Itzi