It’s Friday. It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!!

We made it. We survived the week, and what a week it was!!!

We had sick children, long working hours, evening training…
But we made it to¬†Friday with all our limbs attached to our bodies and our mental health shaky, but nothing that can not be undone with a good chat, some whining and a bottle of wine. It’s like therapy.

We don’t have big plans for the weekend. I’m not even sure if we have plans. We might make some now…

Whatever you are doing, make sure to have time to put your feet up, relax and wind down.

Have an amazing weekend

Chaotic Itzi



There is nothing like that Friday feeling partnered with good weather to encourage you to make plans for the weekend. Whether is just hanging out at home with your family and painting the shed, meeting up with friends and grab a bite to eat or having a barbecue with your neighbours, good weather and weekends should be celebrated, especially around these part of the world where the good weather may not come back at all!

OrganisingChaosBlog - The Gin Fizz
This cocktail really encapsulates spring for me: fresh, crisp and a little bit bitter. Maybe I am reading too much into this – sorry about that – I will get on with it.

GIN FIZZ – serves 1
1 1/2 measures of gin
1 tsp sugar
few long shreds of lemon peel
crushed ice
soda water
OrganisingChaosBlog - The Gin Fizz
Mix the gin, the sugar and the lemon peel together until the sugar has dissolved. Pour into a long glass full of crushed ice and top up with chilled soda water.

The sugar and the lemon peel really make this cocktail something special.
OrganisingChaosBlog - The Gin Fizz
Have an amazing weekend, whatever you are up to!

Chaotic Itzi