This Autumn is being amazing: bright and dry… the perfect Autumn as far as I am concern. I love the leaves changing colors, avenues covered in them, amazing sunsets and no rain and nice temperatures. I like my Autumn and Winter mild and my Spring and Summer hot. That’s me.

The irony is that although I don’t like the cold, I am a sucker for blankets, woolly hats, cosy clothes and homely casseroles. I am a complex individual… (it sounds better than confused, right?)

Look at this little guy. Isn’t he the cutest? The perfect image for Autumn.

Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - the cutest
And with that little fella, the weather we have been having and a gorgeous blanket, who would not be up for a picnic? (source)
Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - a lovely picnic
All those orange, brown and red leaves are too beautiful to leave around, so if you feel like doing some crafting, this project is just beautiful. (source)
Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - Autumn-Jar-Lights
This mexican casserole will keep us warm in those cold wet nights. Comfort food. Delish! Yum! (source)
Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - Food
Scarfs, big boots, heavier jackets… I’ll admit I like it…  not for long though (source)
Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - Outfits
What is your favorite part of Autumn?
Chaotic Itzi


I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween. It is not something that was big in Spain when I was a child but since moving to Ireland and having children, Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger in my house. More decorations, more lights, more sweets. Bigger is better according to my kids and I kind of agree. I usually find myself buying bags of sweets with my shopping, keeping black pieces of paper so we can make bats to hang around the house and planning costumes from about mid September onward. We can safely say that I have totally embraced this Irish pagan festival.

Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways

When it comes to the traditional Halloween pumpkin, I usually carve it.  The problem is that if you submit to peer pressure from the kids and carve it few days in advance, the pumpkin gets a bit yucky by the time Halloween comes so my options were to hide the pumpkins or to decorate them in a different way to avoid the unwanted pumpkin soup…


The main advantage of this way of decorating your pumpkins, is that you can literally use anything you have around in your house. Any color and any type of paint as it is not something you are going to keep long-term. Painting the pumpkin will also help disguise any ugly or brown parts that the pumpkin may have.
Paint it all or just a little bit. You choose how much work you want to take on.

Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 waysOrganising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 ways


So many ways you can dress the pumpkin up: cut out shapes, bandages, buttons, bows, washi tape… Make it as cute or as scary as you want. It’s Halloween, anything goes really….
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 3 ways

Carving is the most traditional and popular way of decorating pumpkins around this time of the year, but that doesn’t mean that carving has to be boring. You can have funny, scary, cute and evil faces. You don’t have to limit yourself to carving faces. You can go for different designs, it all depends how handy you are with the knife.
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways

Drilling a pumpkin is a similar technique to carving in that you still need to empty the pumpkin and put a light inside, but the drilling gives the pumpkin a more contemporary and a slightly grown up look. More sophisticated, maybe?

Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways
Organising Chaos - Decorate pumpkin: 4 ways

What are your plans for Halloween? Have you bought your pumpkin?

Share your designs and plans with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag
#chaoticpumpkin #chaotichalloween

Chaotic Itzi



Organising Chaos - Free Halloween PrintablesThis week we are enjoying our first mid-term break and some quality time with the Scottish cousins that are over for the break. As the boys don’t have any cousins in the country (they have them in Australia, Spain and Scotland), whenever we are together, we always make a huge effort to hang out as much as possible which involves plenty of sleepovers, big messes, constant cooking and loads of tea and coffee.

We are also planning a Halloween party for Saturday. This party is also an excuse to celebrate all the kid’s birthdays as we haven’t managed to be together for any of them. The kids are very excited. We are trying to make decorations to have the house ready and that is where the marvelous artists that offer their prints for free in the world-wide web come to the rescue once again and not for the last time.

These free printables will make your house look amazingly spooky and stylish for your Halloween party.
Organising Chaos - Free Halloween Printables

Pumpkin soup Trick or treat printable  /  Happy halloween girl / Halloween treats / Halloween invitations

Organising Chaos - Free Halloween PrintablesHappy Haunting  /Spider CiderHalloween silhouettes / Straw FlagsWitching you a Haunted Halloween

What are your plans for Halloween? Are you having a party?
Let us know,
Chaotic Itzi


I always love those images in magazines with kid’s clothes hanging from a cute hanger in a beautiful room but pretty hangers are hard to come by and when they do, they are usually way beyond my price range.

The boys have cool clothes, but with my medically confirmed allergy to ironing, shirts tend not to feature in their (or our) wardrobes but I still feel that their rugby, football jerseys and their jackets deserve pretty hangers.
OCB - Painting Wooden Hangers
All you need for this project is wooden hangers and some paint. A tip not to spend too much on paint is to buy some tester pots, this way you get a variety of colours for different projects that don’t take up too much space, for a small amount of money.
OCB - Painting wooden hangers
I bought these painted wooden hangers in Penny’s recently – cheap and cheerful indeed (you can find similar ones here) and I just painted them with dots and flowers.
OCB - Painting wooden hangers
OCB - Painting wooden hangers
I am totally in love with the result – the colours and pattern. Pretty hangers and pretty things make us happy.
OCB - Painting wooden hangersOCB - Painting wooden hangers
What puts a smile in your face around the house? What projects make you happy?
Happy day lovely people.
Chaotic Itzi
Organising Chaos


Hey lovely people, did you enjoy yesterday’s DIY Easter garland? Aren’t those bunnies the cutest?
Today I want to share with you another Easter garland, this time with Easter Eggs.
OrganisingChaosBlog - How to make a Easter Egg Garland
What do you need? I am glad you asked!  You just need some color foam paper, scissors, PVA glue, ribbon and cello tape.
OrganisingChaosBlog - How to make a Easter Egg Garland
As with the bunnies, you could print an egg shape from the net or you could hand draw one, and use it as a template to make all your egg shapes on your foam paper. Use the left overs of your foam to make strips, squares or any shape you may want to decorate your eggs with and start decorating your eggs using the glue.
OrganisingChaosBlog - How to make a Easter Egg Garland
Don’t worry about the glue as it will dry clear. The kids really helped me with these decorations and they really got into it!
How to make a Easter Egg Garland 4
When the glue is dry, trim the decorations. Attach the ribbon to the back of eggs with the cello tape and hang it.
OrganisingChaosBlog - How to make a Easter Egg Garland
OrganisingChaosBlog - How to make a Easter Egg Garland
I will now be moving on to making eggs out of chocolate… or just eating it…  we’ll see…

Have a lovely day,
Chaotic Itzi


Easter has never been big for me. I didn’t grow up in a religious house and we certainly did not have Easter bunnies or eggs in Spain but the kids made such lovely decorations in school before the holiday that I decided to embrace it all and make some Easter decorations myself.

I decided to go with the classics: the Easter Bunny – Bunnies are very adorable, cute and colorful, at least these ones…
OrganisingChaodBlog - Easter Bunny Garland
You will need:
color and white paper,
loose cotton
cello tape
How to make an Easter Bunny Garland
To make the bunny, you could print one from the web or you can try your hand at drawing one. I drew my one as I started doing with the kids and they were not in the mood for waiting so I drew the cutest bunny I could, I cut it out and I used it as a template using different coloured papers.
How to make an Easter Bunny GarlandHow to make an Easter Bunny Garland 2
I then cut some white paper for the inside of the ears and the tummies and I glued some cotton to make the tails super fluffy and cute.
How to make an Easter Bunny Garland 3
Once you have all your bunnies in a row (;-)), use the cello tape to stick the ribbon to the back of the cuties and hang them somewhere where you can enjoy them. They really are super cute!
OrganisingChaosBlog - How to make a cute Easter Bunny Garland

Have a great Easter.
Chaotic Itzi


Easy and quick projects are my favorite, especially with the kids at home. I decided to take advantage of their “ninja training” to get something done.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot 1
I have had this tin for years. It has been used to store sweets, pens, my sewing kit, anything and everything… but it is starting to look very shabby and I have lost its lid so I decided it was time to update it.  I found an amazing marble effect adhesive paper and I wanted to use it on this project. Marble always looks great and expensive, and this project will allow you to update any tin into something amazing!
OrganisingChaosBlog - An average tin
I measured the tin and cut the dc-fix accordingly. I then wrapped it around the tin slowly to make sure that there was no air bubbles.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot
From shabby tin to fancy flower pot, a bit difference in few minutes.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot 3
What did you do today?
Chaotic Itzi


March weather, at least in Ireland, is a lottery. Last weekend we were in t-shirts having picnics in the park and yesterday we were back to hailstones.

Easter is upon us and kids are getting the holidays tomorrow and I have to be totally honest – I find the idea of  having kids indoor for long(ish) periods of time during the holiday period a bit daunting and/or potentially very destructive (mainly to the house), so I am already looking at things to do for those 2 weeks.

We will be taking day trips regardless of the weather (wellies and wet gear already packed), doing some cooking, going to the playground… but I wanted to include something creative. Both my kids love making crafts and painting and we are always looking for inspiration to try something new. Well, I have found my inspiration – the talented MollyMooCrafts has crafts for everything! I mean, her blog is just amazing and insanely inspiring.

From Easter crafts
OCB - Felt-Pad-BUnnies

To year-round ones
OCB - how-to-make-a-dream-catcher-feature

My kids adore her blog and they are already excited picking which ones we are going to do this Easter.

She also has an amazing craft ebook in store: Happy Handmade, check it out!

I am now off to buy my supplies.

Happy crafting!
Chaotic Itzi