Happy February lovely people! Wow! January went fast, didn’t it?

January can be a tough month to get through. We tend to have little cash in our pockets, we are exhausted from the Christmas parties and get togethers, the weather is getting colder… Even the children feel it! Chaotic Monkey told me yesterday that he was very tired because we had too many parties in Spain over Christmas. Life is tough when you are 6, for sure!

I have to say that this month was ok for me. It took me a good while to get back into the swing of things. Back into the routine, the organised meals, the timetables… everything. It was the same after the summer holidays. I think I am just so good at being on holidays that my whole self fights going back to reality. So, if you ever hear of a job that requires being on holidays and relaxed, please make sure to let me know… please….

Last month on the blog, I shared my new approach to the tidying conflict in my house.¬†I have to say it is working a treat. The idea of the toys being confiscated or in “time out”, as they call it, for few days is a great incentive to get things going before going to bed without an argument. If I had only known this before… Have you tried it yet?
A new approach to the tidying conflict - OrganisingChaosBlog
I also talked about being a blanket person and how to cheer up a plain blanket with simple pompoms. By the way, I can’t stop making pompoms. I find it so soothing and therapeutic. Also, I am trying to stop biting my nails so it helps having my hands busy on the couch ūüėČ
Make a plain blanket super cute with pompoms - OrganisingChaosBlog
I also shared tips on how to keep the cables tidy around the house, and 3 different uses for paint brushes that should help you make your life easier. Have you tried any of them yet?
Paint brushes are not just from painting - OrganisingChaosBlog
I am delighted with my personalized sign crowning my stair gallery. I love that it means something to us and that it is now part of our home. There will be fights as to who gets it on the will, I just know it… ūüėČ
Make your own personalised sign -
My January plant smells so delicious that I would love to have one in every room. As that is not going to happen, it will have to move with me from room to room until at least Spring has arrived.
Monthly Plant : My Jasmine Hoop @ OrganisingChaosBlog
And this month as we get closer to my kitchen renovation date (insert happy dance here!) I needed inspiration in the kitchen lighting department, and also some inspiration was needed to decorate the boy’s rooms according to their age and needs. I will be copying some of the ideas for sure.
Kitchen lighting Inspiration @ OrganisingChaosBlog

So goodbye January. It was lovely to have you but glad that you are gone. We are now a month closer to Spring. A month closer to Summer.

I have a gut feeling that February will be kind to us. What do you think?

Chaotic Itzi



This Autumn is being¬†amazing: bright and dry… the perfect Autumn as far as I am concern. I love the leaves changing colors, avenues covered in them, amazing sunsets and no rain and nice temperatures. I like my Autumn and Winter mild and my Spring and Summer hot. That’s me.

The irony is that although I don’t like the cold, I am a sucker for blankets, woolly hats, cosy clothes and homely casseroles. I am a complex individual… (it sounds better than confused, right?)

Look at this little guy. Isn’t he the cutest? The perfect image for Autumn.

Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - the cutest
And with that little fella, the weather we have been having and a gorgeous blanket, who would not be up for a picnic? (source)
Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - a lovely picnic
All those orange, brown and red leaves are too beautiful to leave around, so if you feel like doing some crafting, this project is just beautiful. (source)
Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - Autumn-Jar-Lights
This mexican casserole will keep us warm in those cold wet nights. Comfort food. Delish! Yum! (source)
Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - Food
Scarfs, big boots, heavier jackets… I’ll admit I like it… ¬†not for long though (source)
Organsing Chaos - All things Autumn - Outfits
What is your favorite part of Autumn?
Chaotic Itzi



Autumn is being amazing this year – sunny, dry, relatively warm (we are in Ireland, warm is a relative term even in the summer!). The kids have been able to play outside every day after school until bed time – climbing trees, cycling, running around… good old fresh air. You can’t beat that.

Unfortunately, slowly but shortly darkness is crawling in. Very soon¬†we will be getting up in darkness and we will be having dinner in darkness. Did I mention I don’t like darkness? I just don’t. I like sun and brightness. But winter is coming and there is no way to stop it so I better deal with it.

Lighting is especially important in winter. Spaces need to feel warm and cosy but bright at the same time and fairy lights are a lovely and subtle way to achieve that at a very low cost and with high impact. Fairy lights are super popular these days. You can find them in different colors, shapes and lengths Рthe options are endless, and they are all so pretty!

Fairy lights in the sitting room are a great way to add extra light to the room in the afternoon as the dark creeps in.
Weekly Inspiration: Lighting

Fairy lights in the bedroom will make it not only cosier but also more romantic.
Weekly Inspiration : Fairy Lights

Lights in the hall will help keep this busy area illuminated without having to turn on and off the lights constantly.
Weekly Inspiration : Fairy Lights

These cloud lights are super cute and they would be amazing in any¬†kid’s room.
Weekly Inspiration: Lighting

If you are looking for a super original, astonishing¬†and intimate lighting for your dinning room, this fairy light’s circle could work¬†for you. It definitely works for me anyway!
Weekly Inspiration : Fairy Lights

Do you use fairy lights? Which ones are your favorites?
Have an amazing weekend.

Chaotic Itzi


I might have mentioned (once or twice before) that I like up-cycling and updating things that I have around the house. DIY silhouette cushions - OrganisingChaosBlog
A while ago I bought 4 super soft amazing cushions that go perfectly well with the scheme that I have going on in my sitting room. Ok, calling it a scheme might be a step to far (or few miles) but you know what I mean.

After I added some felt pom-poms, which by the way are highly addictive, I wanted to add something else. After much thought, I decided to add some pink felt animal silhouettes to keep with the soft felt thing (notice I didn’t say scheme??) going on.

Adding feltpompoms to cushions - OrganisingChaosBlog
Once I decided on the silhouette I got them printed and cut them out and then I used some bias binding to adhere them to the cushion.
Cat silhouette on felt - OrganisingChaosBlog
They looked pretty adorable as they were but I wanted to add something else Рmore was more in this project for sure!. I added these covered buttons as noses to the silhouettes and I they look even cuter now. Poppy silhouette on a cushion - OrganisingChaosBlog
I love the combination of textures and colors.
I am very in love with these cushions and I think we are going to be fighting with them. I might make more silhouette cushions. More animals? Maybe a parrot? Stay tuned!
DIY cat and dog silhouette cushions - OrganisingChaosBlog
Chaotic Itzi