Christmas time is THE time for giving and receiving presents, and it’s lovely, most of the time.

I love buying presents for family and friends. I love thinking about what they might like, what they have, what they need, what they would use…. it’s just lovely putting time and effort into buying those presents.

There are other presents that are hard to buy, like the office Secret Santa where you have got someone you don’t really know all that well, a very limited budget and not a whole lot of inspiration. You are looking for presents that are both nice and impersonal, lovely but not offensive. I don’t like the idea of just buying something, wasting money in something that you know will end up in a drawer – it’s such a waste of money! I just can’t.

I have made up a list with ideas of things to buy that are thoughtful, in budget and will not end up in a dark corner.

For the guy who likes to work out at home – Hand weights
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy who is always taking photos in his phone – 3 in 1 Lens Set
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy who has not grown up yet fully – a Rubber Band Gun
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy into Superheroes and coffee – a Batman mug
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the football aficionado – a Football Beanie
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the gambler in your office – a poker set
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy with the vintage look – SuspendersOrganising Chaos - Presents for him under €10  For the guy who wants to save the world – a Cooking Stove
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the guy who knows how to look after himself –  beauty products
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

For the foodie in your office – a cooking book
Organising Chaos - Presents for him under €10

I hope that this list will provide you with some inspiration to go out and buy a nice gift for all the men in your life, including the newbie in the office, and thus freeing some time to enjoy the Christmas chaos and shenanigans with loved ones.

Happy shopping!
Chaotic Itzi


As I mentioned yesterday, this is a long weekend and is full of activities, food and people.

Despite all these amazing plans, I am so aware of all the horrible things going on around the world. The horrible disaster and the amount of people dying in Nepal, all those lives lost in the Med, a large amount of women and girls still missing in Nigeria. I am finding it very hard to get my head around these horrible scenarios and I am making a point of not forgetting how privileged I am to have been born where I was – a pure accident of birth.

Our family is trying to send support to the charities on the ground but they need so much… For this week’s Weekly Inspiration I have been looking for positive stories and different ways in which we can help.

I cried reading about how the found this gorgeous baby alive in Nepal after 22 hours in the gravel
Weekly Inspiration - Baby in Nepal.
200 women and young girls were rescued in Nigeria this week – amazing news #BringBackOurGirls
Weekly inspiration - Bring back our girls
AirB&B  are waiving their service fees for those affected by the Nepalese disaster – what a great campaign!
Weekly Inspiration - Airbnb

If you need to buy a present for someone and you want to inspire at the same time, these presents are pretty amazing and everyone will be delighted!
Weekly Inspiration - Oxfam presents
And if you have the time and you feel like doing something extraordinary and absolutely amazing, you can always volunteer and be one those amazing heroes on the ground.
Weekly Inspiration - Volunteer

Have an amazing and inspired weekend.
Chaotic Itzi
Organising Chaos