Have you ever noticed that in order to organise a room, a huge amount of chaos needs to be created?

Chaos is an inevitable part of organising. Drawers need to be turned inside out, wardrobes need to be emptied, furniture needs to be moved, bags need to be filled…

It is always exciting at the beginning. I am full of energy, full of ideas, full of intention… oh… the naivety of it all…
I am one of those people who don’t over-think it. I jump right in. I get on with it.

After a couple of hours I realise how much work there is to do – that’s what happens when you don’t over-think things… ignorance is bliss they say…  By the time I come to terms with all I have to do, it’s too late to back down – there is already one more room compromised, I am covered in paint and one of my children doesn’t have a bed to sleep on that night.

There is stuff in every available surface, spare beds become dumping grounds, spare-rooms become waiting lists for furniture and decorations to be re-allocated….  Chaos, chaos and more chaos… awaiting to be organised…

My latest project : re-decorate Chaotic Monkey’s bedroom.
Status : getting there

New project : Chaotic Monkey's Room

It has taken a little bit longer than planned due to tummy bugs, general tiredness (and a bit of laziness) and kids’ social events but my young monkey is once again sleeping in his bedroom and he is very happy with his new bed.

I am hoping to finish the room next weekend.

And then I will need to organise the spare room where I have been dumping all the bits and pieces. I am just hoping that I don’t decide to organise the spare room properly as that would involve disorganizing a different room in the process and I don’t think I have it in me to do that much organising in one month.

A girl needs to pace herself…

Chaotic Itzi



I know, I know… It is already the 11th of January, which means that we are truly into 2016 already and this is me now wishing you a happy New Year! A bit late, you say? Timing??? I seem to have no timing what-so-ever lately.
I am late
Christmas was amazing but insanely busy and although we are back from Spain a week already and pretty much settled into the school/work/miscellaneous routine, my head is still spinning.

I was so organised in December. I had great posts scheduled, presents bought, dinners organised… and then one day I woke up and I decided to change every room in the upstairs part of my house. 4 beds had to be taken apart and re-assembled in different rooms, furniture moved… Then we decided to go to Spain for Christmas at the last minute but I realized my passport had expired, so after running around like a headless chicken calling myself every name under the sun, I had to drive to Dublin to beg and cry in the Spanish Embassy to try to get it renewed in time. I worked. We left our house with 4 slightly upside-down rooms to go to Spain to have a fabulous Christmas with all my family (there was 40 of us on Christmas day and there was still people missing!) but there was trouble with the airline and we got to Bilbao a day later than planner (on the 24th!) and without the boy’s suitcase which meant we had to run to the shop to buy clothes for them for at least the following couple of days.

Oh, yeah! and I signed up for 2 online courses that I am trying to finish before my evening courses start. I am either very smart or very stupid… nope, no need to answer that one…

Anyway, you get the general chaotic feeling. It has been an amazing Christmas full of family, food and joy and also quite a bit of stress so that is why I haven’t been online lately.

I am hoping to get my study finished this week so not only I will be able to show it to you, but also I will be able to write at a desk in a calm room not surrounded by boxes.

I am trying to stay calm in the midst of the chaos, stay focus and mindful. It will get done, it will be ok.

How was your break? Is it too far in the past that you have already forgotten about it?