I am not a cake person.
I will always be far more tempted by some cheese as dessert than with a sweet treat. Mr B is like me so we are that couple that always forgets the dessert when we have people over. We are all about the starters and main courses.

An amazing Ice-cream bomb @ OrganisingChaosblog

Since we’ve had kids, we have realised that IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to celebrate certain events without cake. Kids seem to have an extra chromosome that determines that a celebration is not a celebration without a cake. The cake chromosome affects people differently depending on their genetic background and some people even lose it when the reach maturity but, in others, it only gets stronger.

As yesterday we celebrated Mr B’s birthday and Sunday is Big Monkey’s birthday too, I have been and will be making cakes. OK, let’s call spade spade. I am ASSEMBLING cakes.

My “regular” cakes are those that involve some melting at most and some assembly. But that doesn’t mean that they are boring or look terrible. Oh no! they are cool! and it’s not me saying that. All the under 10 kids are saying. Cool, I’ll tell you.

Ingredients for an ice-cream bombICE-CREAM BOMB

2/3 chocolate Swiss-rolls
1 kg of vanilla ice-cream
2-3 bags of Maltesers
Medium size see-through bowl

Get the ice-cream out of the freezer for at least 10 minutes before you are ready to assemble the cake. We need the ice-cream to be smooth and manageable.
Cover the inside of the bowl with cling-film. This will help to get it out of the bowl later on without any drama.

How to make an easy cake @ OrganisingChaosBlog
Cut the Swiss-rolls into 1 cm slices and start covering the inside of the bowl with it. Starting from the middle and working your way out in rows. Squeeze the Swiss-roll slices into the gaps, , make sure not to leave big gaps between the slices.

Once the inside of the bowl has been covered, fill half of the semi-circle with the vanilla ice-cream, add a layer of Maltesers and finish it off with another layer of ice-cream.Cover the bowl and put in the freezer.
Ice-cream bomb @ OrganisingChaosblog
Take it 10 minutes before you are ready to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and flip it onto a plate. The cling film should help you peel it off the bowl with ease. Watch the little faces light with delight as they find the Maltesers hidden in the ice-cream. 

Prepare an easy and amazing Ice-Cream Bomb @ OrganisingChaosBlog
You wanted cake? That’s a cake with an impact and a surprise!
Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction cake. A go-to-in-case-of-emergency-cake.


Chaotic ItziOCB


2015 is a very special year for Mr B and me. This year we celebrate 20 years together. 20 years!!!
It seems like it was yesterday that I met this long-haired boy (yes, long-haired) who was studying in my university… and many countries, many adventures and two kids later, we are still going strong.

Getting married was never our thing. We don’t have anything against marriage, we never had the need for it. But this year, we wanted to mark our 20 years together with family and friends (I will share more about our celebrations later on) and we will be having a party at the beginning of August. I can’t wait!
Making easy decorations with candles and washi tape
We are planning something simple, something rustic, something familiar. I wanted to make some decorations. Nothing too complicated. Something simple and pretty so I armed myself with some washi tape and candles.
Making decorations with washi tape and candles
I got these vanilla candles from Ikea. I love the smell of vanilla. There is something warm and familiar about them.
Making easy decorations with candles and washi tape
Once I decided on the color scheme for the day (blue -of course- and other pastel colors) I covered the base of the night lights with washi tape.
Making easy decorations with candles and washi tape
I have also enlisted my whole family to give me all glass containers they have to put the candles in. A up-cycled jam-jar and some ribbons are the perfect recipient for pretty candles, don’t you think?
Making easy decorations with candles and washi tape
These decorations are easy to make and pretty around the house, for garden events, for a romantic night in.
If you are having problems removing the super sticky stickers from the jar, this is the only recipe you need.

How do you like your celebrations? Home-made or store-bought.
Chaotic Itzi


My boys love having celebrating the small things of life. They love having Breakfast Parties, where the 4 of us get to have breakfast in bed. They love having picnics at home, either in the garden (and it has to be on the grass despite having a perfectly good table outside) or if the weather is bad, we will have them in the sitting room’s floor. They love having kid’s coffee (frothed milk with powder chocolate sprinkled on top) and cake and celebrate all our birthdays together, or celebrate the fact that it is Saturday and we are all together.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
Food and family are the most important part of these celebrations, definitely, but they also love decorating. They love making the moments special with flowers and decorations. We have made and bought many decorations throughout the years, but they have been used so much that I thought it would be nice to make new ones.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
When it comes to party decorating, bunting is essential. To me, bunting means fun, whimsical and sunny so I decided to make a bunting that could be hung both inside and outside and be used more than once.

During some aimless browsing in different shops recently, I came across the Bunting Adhesive Wall Stickers. I was not planning to get them at first as I thought the boys were a bit too old for having bunting decals in their room or in their playroom and besides, I wanted something I could move around. It was then that I noticed that they had been reduced to €1.50 a packet, so I thought that even if I didn’t come up with something to do with them, I could always give them to someone else. In the end there was no need as I quickly came up with a solution.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Bunting decals
I decided to use white card paper to stick the decals into and making the bunting that way. So after applying the decals to the card paper and cutting them, it was pretty much done. Few holes with a hole puncher and some string and ‘Bob is your uncle’, as they say over here. (they do say it, I promise it!)
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
I can now use it inside and out. So far we are using it inside mainly but I am looking forward to our first outdoor picnic with the new decorations.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
Do you have special celebrations at home?

Chaotic Itzi


Today is a big day in Spain, full of family, presents, get-togethers and food (everything is always around food in Spain).
Creating a festive atmosphere
Last night, the Three Wise Kings came to our house and delivered presents even though we live in Ireland. They know that we are Spanish and after they deliver all the presents in Spain, they go around the world delivering presents to all the Spanish kids living in other parts of the world. My kids love it. They get more presents and they don’t have to go to school – what is not to love? It also makes them feel a bit special, which is lovely.

Although we are not a religious family, we do celebrate this festivity, the traditional aspect of it. We follow my family’s traditions. Although Mr B didn’t grow up with these traditions, we have been together for so long that they have also become his traditions and he has fully embraced them.
Creating a festive atmosphere for the 3 Wise kings
We leave milk and cookies for the Three Wise Kings so that they can have a little rest in our house(although my parents always left something much stronger for them). We get up in the morning, we get in line from youngest to oldest, and we start marching downstairs chanting Todo el castillo debemos recorrer (We must go through all the castle) until we reach the sitting room. When we reach the door, we need to make sure that they are not still there. We knock. We listen. We know again to make sure. We open the door very slowly… and then Mr B and I just look at the kids, their faces. It is just magical.
Milk for the 3 Wise Kings
The traditional breakfast on the 6th of January is el roscón. It is delicious.  I can’t tell you if it is truly that delicious or if it is loaded with memories. There is usually a little toy hidden in it and tradition dictates that whomever finds it needs to buy next year’s roscón. As we can’t get them here, they have been replaced with chocolate croissants. Still good. Not many memories attached yet though. Working on that.Roscón de Reyes
I am looking forward to a relaxed day hanging out with the kids. It is a lovely way to finish the holiday break.
Tomorrow, all the decorations will come down. Slowly but surely. I am ready.
opening presentsThe kids opening presents
I love embracing traditions and making our own, it means that we are growing as a family. I love it.
Have a great day, Chaotic Itzi