The summer is here. The summer holidays are here and slowly but surely we are making plans filling those weeks before school is back.

Lazy days - fishing with dad

Main plans for the summer:

  • Have quality time with the boys. We spend the year running from school to after-school activities, to birthday parties, to homework. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a routine most of the time but it is also brilliant having time where there is nothing planned, nothing to do. Just good quality hanging out time, having time to bake, to choose photos to print (we have not yet printed any photos from Disney!). I love the random chats that we have when there is no rush to go anywhere. Next week. Extensive morning cuddle time is the only requirement.
  • Spend time with family. We are spoiled with family this summer. I just got a super-gorgeous-super-cute-super-fabulous brand new nephew and I am planning to hang out with him as much as possible. At the moment, my nephews and niece from Scotland are over so there are loads of play-dates and sleepovers already happening. Next week my cousin and his family are coming from Madrid for few days – I haven’t seen him in years so that is very special!
    My mum and auntie are also coming over for a week in the middle of the summer to take the boys to Spain. And when we are all in Spain, apart from hanging out with all my family and kidnapping my nieces for as long as I can, I also get to hang out with my Australian cousin, his wonderful wife and baby daughter. I can’t wait to meet her!
    Family are so good for the soul…
  • Going back to work. Yes, that is happening. Not ideal going back to work in the middle of the summer holidays but I am happy to be able to go back into the workforce. I will be working part-time, only mornings, which is ideal especially once the boys go back to school in September as I will be able to collect them from school everyday. I am very excited about it and really looking forward to doing something outside my house.
  • Make the most of the summer light. I find winter very tough in Ireland. It’s not the weather, although it doesn’t help. It’s the short days. The few hours of natural light that we get, mainly from October to January. No amount of Vitamin D supplements can improve my mood during those months. Trust me, I have tried! So this year, I have decided to be grateful for the long days that we do get in the summer and I will sit outside most evenings (when possible) even if I have to get a blanket to make it comfortable.
  • Hang out with Mr B. As the boys are going to Spain a week before Mr B and I can go, we will have that week all for ourselves. Once we get over the empty and quiet house and the weirdness of sitting down on the couch after not having to produce dinner immediately to feed kids. Once we stop crying and looking at photos of our kids on our phone. Once we get off the phone from my parents, I am sure we will be able to open a bottle of wine and have an uninterrupted conversation. We might even get the hang of it! Who knows!

So this is my summer. Busy, busy, busy.
It won’t all be roses and I can guarantee that there will be plenty of struggles but I am looking forward to it.

What are your plans?

Chaotic Itzi

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