Lack of Motivation


If you want something done, ask a busy person“, or so the saying goes…

I have been struggling with motivation lately in a huge way.  Although I am always quick to blame the weather, I don’t think the grey skies, rain and nasty named hurricanes are the only ones to blame this time.

After working full-time last year, my contract came to an end during the summer. It was all great timing. It allowed me to have an amazing holiday with all my boys, coming back to Ireland all together and getting the boys settled in school. Great!

Struggling with lack of motivation

Now all the boys are well settled into their work/school routine but I have none. My days have a small element of routine in the morning and then again in the afternoon when the kids are back from school but the morning? the morning is all mine…

In my head, I have a long list of projects to do, so many things around the house that I want to do… but no deadlines, no pressure, no motivation… so they don’t get done! One day just blends into another one and nothing gets done. It’s so frustrating!!! Argh!!!!!

This lack of motivation has been going on for a while now. I am totally aware that I am the only one that can solve this issue. I have step up and give my self the proverbial “kick in the ass” to get things moving.

Struggling with lack of motivation

So, I have signed up for an online course and I am planning to start on Monday. I am hoping to get a couple of hours done each morning to get it done as soon as possible. This course will hopefully provide my days with some structure and as well as pressure me for time to get something else done. Maybe? maybe not? If anything, I’ll learn something about Business and Accountancy and I’ll be able to tell you ALL about it… 😉 I bet you can’t wait….

Chaotic Itzi

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