Spring is here and with it the traditional and infamous Spring Cleaning!

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Spring cleaning is all about cleaning and decluttering. We need to purge the house of all the things we don’t use… the dirty, the bad and the ugly. Once we have done this exercise, the house feels cleaner, airier, and we all feel far more comfortable in it. So, if we do this with the house, why don’t we do it with our minds?

Think about it. An average person has about 70,000 thoughts a day! I nearly fell of the chair when I found out there were that many! That is an insane amount of thoughts, don’t you think? Of course, not all those thoughts are deep thoughts, at least not in case! Thoughts can go from “what a lovely skirt” to “I need to clean the bathroom” to “5 more minutes in bed please” to “why are humans to awful to other humans?”.

Thoughts come and go thought our heads. Not all of them are real thoughts, for example, the thoughts you have while watching a film about the film. They are not real people and they are not real situations, and yet our brains don’t know the difference between “real thoughts” and “not real thoughts”, they are all thoughts keeping the brain busy.

declutter your mind - Organising Chaos Blog

When we are tired, worried, anxious… all those thoughts come flooding into our head at once. Real and not real. And thoughts don’t present themselves with a rational argument, of course not! They just add to your worries, to your anxiety and you are too busy or anxious to know which ones of those thoughts are real and which ones they are not and it all gets very scary.

I never thought about thoughts. I never thought about anxiety or panic attacks. I was a very happy-go-lucky kind of girl keeping it all together. Kind of. Until I wasn’t. What I learnt from my experience, is that we all need to declutter our minds every so often. Make the flow of thoughts stop. Think about nothing so you can slow down and start from the beginning, slowing down our thoughts so our brains don’t fry.

Running to declutter your mind - OrganisingchaosBlogDecluttering your mind is easy. Some people do it in a natural way by going for runs a couple times a week, by writing, hill walking, cleaning, reading… For others, like me, we need to work at it, find time in a day for yourself to do something. I usually meditate every morning. It doesn’t take long and it helps me slow down and structure my day. It works for me.  It helps me being more patient, more understanding…

We are always so busy and our mental health is so delicate that we need to make sure to pamper it, to look after it and to nurture it. For ourselves and for others. So take little time to yourself, to declutter your mind.

Give it a go.

Chaotic Itzi


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