My house has gone a bit crazy with Christmas decorations and lights. I have obviously failed in my job to tone things down (remember?). Since Mr B is on holidays, a decoration has gone up every 30 minutes in my house. I have to say that the house looks so lovely and cosy that I decided to join in (and end the madness!).

I had a cocktail bowl that I bought recently, some snow flakes and two tiny trees that I purchased in the euro shop over the holidays. All these items were bought independently with different ideas in mind but they hadn’t been used to at this stage, so I decided to put them all together and make one last project. I love the result. So cute!
A snowy bowl with Christmas trees
This is not really a project as it is an assembly job. Fill the bowl with some snow flakes and plant the trees making sure that the battery stays hidden under the snow.

How to make a Christmas bowl
It’s like Christmas in a bowl.

A snowy bowl of Chirstmas

A bowl of snowy trees
Have a lovely and inspired Christmas surounded by your loved ones, wherever you are.

A Snowy Christmas Tree Bowl
Happy Christmas,
Chaotic Itzi


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