2016 Christmas presents for her under €10


With less than 2 weeks to Christmas, we are right in the midst of office Christmas parties, low-budget Secret Santas, buying presents for teachers…

As difficult as it is to buy a present for someone who you don’t know all that well and you might not even like all that much, budget constrains makes it sometimes even harder. Nearly impossible. And I keep putting it off. Delaying. But no more…

This time last year, I posted some ideas of presents under €10 for Her and for Him that proved rather useful to my readers, so I this is this year’s list. under €10 While looking around the web for inspiration,  I have decided to put together a little list of presents for under €10 to help all those busy people spend less time shopping and more time hanging out with friends and family.

2016 Christmas presents for her under €10

  1. Matroschka Measuring Cups If you know someone who likes cooking; or someone who likes vintage, or both. Lovely, original and practical.
  2. Red Hering Skinny Belts –  These belts are perfect for just about anyone really. Look at them! so gorgeous and pretty!
  3. You are Awesome Dish – This is one cool serving dish ideal for that person who likes quotes and quirky stuff.
  4. Silver Tone Tennis Bracelet – for those who like shiny things on their arms
  5. 2017 Diary – for those who can not get organised but want to get organised; for those  who like to pretend that are organised; for those who like to pretend  that are organised; or simply for those who appreciate pretty diaries.

I hope this list will help all of you busy people to spend less time shopping and more time hanging out with friends and family.

Happy & quick shopping

Chaotic Itzi


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