Years ago I used to think that pompoms were childish. It was probably before I had children and I was a very serious professional woman… yeah, right! as if I could be that person. But I guess there was a time in my life where pompoms did not have a place, not in my house, nor in my head. And then I had children…

I have always liked pretty things, but I don’t think I was into cute things necessarily. I only got into cute things when I had children. Babies will do that to you. Babies themselves are cute, their clothes are cute, their toys are cute, the decorations for their rooms are cute… they are basically cute central. And with cuteness came pompoms. Kids love pompoms and I love kids – it is a natural progression, right?

Pompoms for our bedroom - Organising Chaos Blog

Pompoms transform something plain and even serious into something whimsical and I have come to realize that I want my house to be pretty and whimsical. Not perfect, I am not that person. We definitely go for the lived in look, but I want to make it comfortable, inviting and playful – somewhere to relax.

I have already shared with you how pompoms can bring life and interest into a plain lampshade and blanket. and I have also used pompoms to make bookmarks and recently I have been adding pompoms to cushions in our bedrooms. A simple thing that lifts a plain cushion to another level.

Blue pompoms for Ikea cushion 1 - Organising Chaos Blog

These already lovely cushions from Ikea look like they were always meant to have pompoms all around them, don’t you think?

Adding pompoms to cushions - super cute - Organising Chaos Blog

I have also added handmade pompoms to the cushions in their room. Not only they provide texture and contrast, but it is also a great way to make any color scheme more cohesive and brings it together.

Handmade pompoms in cushions - Organising Chaos Blog
Handmade pompoms in for the boys rooms - Organising Chaos Blog

I am seriously thinking of making a pompom garland for my shed.
I think it HAS to happen. It NEEDS it!

Have a great day,

Chaotic Itzi

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