I have always been the kind of person that makes lists. A list to know what I have to bring on holidays, a list for my shopping, a list of what I want to cook for a party… I like writing things down. I have tried putting things on my phone but I have found it doesn’t have the same effect on me. There is something about a pen and paper that helps my brain have some sort of order.

Planning my 2015 - pen and paper

I try to get organise for the following day in the evening. I think about what I have to do the following day, make a list in my head and then I would forget half of them, move them to the following day (and then forget about them), or simply ignore them. For me, having something written down, not only it helps me remember my daily tasks, but it forces me to do them and not move them around, it nearly shames me into getting things done.

I bought myself a 2015 agenda. A small one. One that I can carry around, check what I need to do for the day. I write  everything down, I make my lists and then I tick them as I get them done. It works for me. I have only had it one week and I have already got more things done in this week then previously, just because I remember them.

Planning 2015
Diary 2015
I now feel a little bit less chaotic and a bit more in charge thanks to few pieces of paper put together,
It really is the small things.

What works for you?
(Slightly less) Chaotic Itzi

4 thoughts on “PLANNING 2015

  1. Pues yo me he hecho completamente “digital”. Calendarios, asuntos pendientes, notas, etc, etc, lo tengo todo en la nube y asi lo puedo consultar desde cualquier sitio.

    Tienes razon que es mas comodo usar un boli y papel, pero cuando te acostumbras a lo digital, no tienes que preocuparte por si la agenda se pierde o desaparece.

    Un besazo !!!

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