Pimp your boards 3 ways @ Organising Chaos Blog.


We like cork boards in my house. And when I say WE, I refer to the royal we. As in ME.

I like having somewhere to put things up, to make that drawer-full-of-random-papers a tiny bit lighter, somewhere to gather the kids’ invitations so I remember to bring them to parties and recipes that I rip from doctor’s waiting rooms while I pretend to cough (oh yeah, that’s me!).

Pimp your boards 3 ways @ Organising Chaos Blog.
Cork boards are insanely useful but, let’s face it, they tend to be a bit plain, at least the ones I can usually afford. But the good thing about something plain is that it can always be embellished. It doesn’t usually take too much. Just a little bit here, and a little bit there.

I am going to show you how a little bit of love can transform something simple into something  pretty and cute.



All you need to transform your Cinderella board into a classy object is some lace ribbon and a glue gun.

 Pimp your cork board with some lace ribbon @ Organising Chaos Blog
Glue the lace ribbon to the edges of your board for a very classy. Super cute and understated.


Of course washi tape! You know I love the stuff (to confirm washi tape obsession check here, here and here). Of course I HAD to use washi tape for this project! Pimp your cork board with some lace ribbon @ Organising Chaos Blog.jpg
Simply cover the wooden ages with your favorite washi tape design.

To avoid the edges peeling, cover the washi tape with some PVA glue. Not only will it protect the corners from peeling but it will also give the washi tape a little bit of shine.


This technique will take longer than others but it is totally worth it.
I used some decoupage paper and special decoupage glue but you don’t have to. In terms of paper, you can use any pretty paper you want. You just need to remember that the thicker the paper, the longer it will take to dry and stick, which means more chances of things going wrong.Pimp your cork board with decoupage @ Organising Chaos Blog.jpgAlso, in terms of glue, if you don’t have a specialized glue (decoupage glue works both as a glue and as a varnish), you can always use mod podge or steal borrow your kid’s school PVA glue. If you are using PVA glue, you can water it down depending on the thickness of your paper (the thicker the paper is the thicker your glue will need to be).

Make sure to cover all the paper with whatever glue you are using. As with the washi tape, this will make sure that all the corners stay stuck to the board while giving it some shine.

I went for some free-styling decoupage on this board, because I am a crazy kid (in my dreams!). What I mean is that I cut the paper in loads of small pieces and then glued them together without too much thought. You could alternatively cut stripes, or use different colors, make lines… whatever rocks your world… there are really NO RULES!

Now, how is that for a productive use of your time?

Have you got a favorite?

Chaotic Itzi


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